Close-up of Car Passion supercar staging down the street on weekends Review

Close-up of Car Passion supercar staging down the street on weekends

As usual, the weekend is the time when Car Passion members will meet after a week of working at a familiar cafe in the city center. This week, the familiar supercars have returned alongside two new faces, appearing for the first time.

The most prominent in the supercar over the weekend was probably the McLaren 720S Spider of the leader of the Hua Ha Phuong delegation when this was the first time this super car was brought down the street. Like the previous 720S coupe, his 720S Spider has a red painted exterior (Memphis Red) with carbon fiber details and lightweight aluminum multi-spoke wheels. This 720S Spider was the third to be returned to the country and remains the only one in red paint.

Besides the McLaren, another supercar that is also quite attractive is the Lamborghini Aventador with the limited edition Liberty Walk package. Car Passion had the opportunity to explore this car with the owner, you can see it at here. This is not the first time this special supercar has appeared in a meeting or a journey, but in this return, the car has put on a pink shirt. Unlike many people think, the matte pink color of the LB Aventador still exudes angular lines, creating a strong car instead of a soft feel.

In addition to the two supercars mentioned above, this Rolls-Royce Cullinan is also one of the special cars. Unlike Hanoi, car enthusiasts in the city. Ho Chi Minh City rarely had the opportunity to see first-hand the Rolls-Royce branded SUV circulating on the road, therefore, this huge SUV became prominent next to the familiar supercar. This Rolls-Royce Cullinan is somewhat bigger and bigger than supercars, even the Audi Q8 looks small next to this SUV.

Another Lamborghini Aventador is also present. This white Aventador LP700-4 is the only Aventador of this generation distributed by a Lamborghini dealer in -. The car has an upgraded exterior and interior with many details made of carbon fiber such as mirror cladding, air vents cladding, door sills, clock bezel, … The rear cover is replaced by the carbon fiber lid of DMC. The vehicle uses a set of wheels co-developed by Vossen and Novitec, with a beautiful multi-spoke design and red central locking screws. This is also the Aventador with the biggest sound in – when equipped with Novitec’s straight-pipe exhaust.

Some other luxury cars also appeared at the occasion such as a Rolls-Royce Wraith with matte black exterior with black AG wheels, a white Cadillac CT6 with a chromed middle part and a Bentley Flying. Spur. The Audi Q8 sports SUV with a beautiful orange exterior was also present.

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