Close-up Lamborghini Aventador degrees Liberty Wak is unique in – in a pink personality Review

Close-up Lamborghini Aventador degrees Liberty Wak is unique in Vietnam in a pink personality

Perhaps the name Lamborghini Aventador widebody of Liberty Walk is not too strange to most car lovers in -, this is quite understandable when the “super cow” from Italy is always the most sought after model. When the owner is released to the street, besides the widebody package from the Japanese house Liberty Walk Performance, the car’s appearance becomes more aggressive, attracting even the most demanding eyes.

An interesting point about this supercar is that the LB-R bodykit is limited to only 50 units sold, 30 sets for the Japanese market and the remaining 20 for other markets. The bodykit for the Lamborghini Aventador in – is numbered 02/50. “Super Cow” owns the original paint in an impressive Blue Le Mans blue and has worn many clothes with outstanding colors. Most recently, to replace the previous white coat, the owner of the car has chosen the personality pink color to “transform” for his “baby car”.

With the new coat, the overall of this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador is a combination of pink with glossy black stickers like the roof, and a series of carbon fiber details have been upgraded. .

With the LB-R package, the front bumper of the car is completely renewed with the same design as the Aventador Super Veloce, the two front air cavities are added with a carbon fiber trim that extends to the front wheel of the car. The original bonnet of the car is replaced with a new carbon bonnet with a pit design, below the bonnet is the luggage compartment containing the AirRex pneumatic suspension. This air suspension system is an indispensable feature on Liberty Walk branded products, through a remote inside the car, the driver can easily adjust the ground height from a standard level. down close to the ground.

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To build this degree package, Liberty Walk’s craftsmen flew to – and combined with a team of skilled craftsmen at garage Wrapstyle to bring the most satisfactory work. The wheel flaps are enlarged by the added cladding and riveted reinforcement, and the original multi-spoke wheels are replaced with 22-inch Forgiato wheels painted in matte black. The bodywork is equipped with two more carbon fiber hips.

Similar to the front bumper, the rear bumper of the car is also replaced, the rear carbon diffuser is designed quite pitifully with a “huge” size. The LB-R gives the Lamborghini Aventador a sizable carbon fiber rear spoiler that is fixed to the rear bumper of the car, the Japanese engineers have also disabled the original wing to ensure Aerodynamic factors for “super cow”, inherently have been carefully calculated in the design stage.

In addition, the original exhaust system also gives way to the Titanium exhaust system branded Frequency Intelligent Exhaust which is limited to only 25 sets in the world, the rear air intake is covered with carbon fiber from Novitec Rosso. . In fact, this version is a combination of two famous firms in the world, Liberty Walk Performance and Novitec Rosso. Some details such as the rearview mirror cladding and the air vents are part of the Novitec Torado upgrade package exclusively for Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

And yet, the Novitec Torado package also offers a sportier interior compartment thanks to details made of carbon fiber such as door handle panels, dashboard cladding or center console trim. The interior of the car is black and uses only blue, similar to the exterior of Blue Le Mans.

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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 uses a 6.5-liter V12 engine, producing a maximum capacity of up to 700 horsepower and only 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h before reaching maximum speed. 349 km / h maximum. Thanks to the revised details such as the bodykit from Liberty Walk Performance or the exhaust system Frequency Intelligent Exhaust, the performance of the car will be significantly improved compared to the parameters from Lamborghini.

The exact price of this special package on the Lamborghini Aventador in – is unknown. It is known that the owner of this car is a member of the CarPassion Team, he regularly participates in many journeys with brothers who share the same passion. In addition to the unique Liberty Walk in -, his garage also owns some expensive names such as Rolls-Royce Wraith, new generation Mercedes-AMG G63, Lexus LX570 SuperSport, … In the past, taste This businessman used to drive a Ferrari 488 GTB unique SVR in – to participate in the CarPassion 2019 journey.

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