Chevrolet begins taking orders for the new Corvette Convertible Review

Chevrolet begins taking orders for the new Corvette Convertible

According to some recent information, there is currently a new ordering cycle for Chevrolet Corvettes. This time around, certain factors like color options or extras are free of strings, opening the door for greater personalization for future owners. At the same time, this is also the first time that Chevrolet dealers in the US start to order C8 Corvette Convertible.

On this all-new C8 Convertible, the fabric hood on the old versions has been replaced by a new hood, which is a flexible and convenient hardtop.

Explaining the hood replacement, Corvette’s chief engineer Tadge Jeuchter said: “the decision was taken in replacing the hood to a retractable hardtop because“ the hood is starting to make the the car looks old ”. In November last year, he himself made a comment on the C7 that one of the reasons that the Convertible is not selling as well as the Coupe is because they look “not as good” as the coupe.

Although Chevrolet has already started taking orders for the C8 Convertible, there is currently no specific information about the launch of the first cars on the line at GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky assembly plant, though They are expected to enter production in early April. However, based on some quality control output requirements, it is possible that deliveries will be delayed for about 1 month, starting early May delivery.

The new convertible Chevrolet Corvette is a more attractive choice than any previous version of this fascinating sports car thanks to the exceptional technical prowess of GM. With the aim of creating a Convertible, the C8 is designed so that there is no need to add extra underbody chassis reinforcement to compensate for the top hood. That is why the C8 Convertible weighs about 40kg heavier than the Coupe version.

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