Can-am Spyder F3 & F3-S 2015 Review: officially launched and selling price


Can-am 2015 Spyder F3 & F3-S After series with first pictures revealing the shape that has reported, so far Can-am Spyder F3 2015 has been BRP company (Bombardier Recreational Products) Officially introduced with two versions F3 and F3-S, the price for the Can-am Spyder F3 2015 standard version is $ 19,499 the F3-S version is $ 20,999. As far as is known, Can-Am Spyder 2015 also comes with a lot of toys and accessories for customers to freely choose, if not satisfied, BRP is ready to introduce to customers 3 separate toy packages. was Touring Escape, Muscle Attitude and Urban Nights.

Can-am Spyder F3 2015

Spyder F3 2015 is equipped with a Rotax 1330cc engine with 3 cylinders in line, producing a maximum power of 115 hp at 7250 rpm. Spyder F3 has 6 speeds (with a Reverse car number), as many as usual as other motorcycles or a infinite number like a scooter. The old Spyder ST and RS model only had 100 horsepower using a 999cc V-Twin engine

The heart of Spyder F3 and F3-S 2015, Rotax engine 1330cc with 3 cylinders in line.

Spyder F3 and F3-S 2015 are equipped with dozens of modern technologies to bring safety to the driver and smoother handling such as: Stability Control System, Traction Control System, Anti-lock Braking System ( ABS) and Dynamic Power Steering

And especially interesting for customers of the Can-Am Spyder F3 2015 is the UFIT System. Customers will be consulted and choose the handlebars design and pedal position suitable for the gender and height of the customer to create a really comfortable driving feeling for the driver with the Cruiser or slightly leaning position. . You can come in BRP’s UFIT System website Choose your hearing gender and height for advice on the right handlebar design and pedal position.

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Handlebar and pedal positions of Spyder F3 2015.


With a saddle height of 67.5 cm from the ground, Spyder F3 is the car with the lowest saddle height in the Can-Am family. Spyder F3 uses FOX shock absorbers for 2 front wheels and Sachs MonoShock for rear wheels with shorter fork travel than previous models.

Spyder uses brand-name Brembo brakes with Stability Control System, Traction Control System, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Dynamic Power Steering to help balance the vehicle and so on. Helping the car to turn safely and providing a smooth driving experience.

Spyder F3 has a dry weight of 385.5 kg, F3 heavier than RS version (361kg), but lighter weight of ST (391kg) and RT (459kg). Spyder F3 has a fuel tank capacity of 26.8 liters, larger than that of the RT Touring version (26.1 liters).


Spyder F3’s storage compartment is located right in front of the vehicle, can hold many items and 2 helmets … suitable for carrying gear for multi-day journeys.

From the driver’s perspective, Spyder F3S is as pitiful as a small spacecraft.

Modern and symmetrical design with analog clock with king ring, speed and LED meter.

Spyder F3S seen from the front


The saddle of the F3S’s driver and passenger seat differs from the F3 in that it is made of better materials, with red-threaded contours and horizontal braces creating a smoother feel.


You can compare the Spyder F3-S above and the F3 below with different points: The F3-S has a conservative design of the other two front wheels F3, saddle design and materials, the wind cavity of the F3-S there is a moving LED light system, F3-S wheels are blacker.

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Can-Am Spyder F3.

Spyder F3 is available in metallic black and pearl white, while F3-S is available in pure black and 2 tones.

Clip introduces outstanding features on Spyder F3 & F3-S

In addition, Can-Am Spyder F3 has 3 more packages of toys with distinct styles, with for details:

1. Muscle Attitude Package: With Black Carbon or Chrome handlebar, Windshield has a unique design, Black stripe decal on the trunk, Akrapovic exhaust has its own design.

2. Touring Escape Package: Cannonball saddle is super smooth, foot pedals for the driver and the rear passenger, detachable backrest system for the driver and rear seat, Chrome plated handlebar, large and high windshield, warm Po Akrapovic , 2 side storage boxes and 6-spoke Chrome-plated wheels.

3. Urban Nights Package: With a short backrest cushion, big red decal on the trunk, black carbon handlebars or chrome plated, beautiful spokes spokes and exhaust Akrapovic.

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