Bugatti tests super product Chiron Pur Sport on the track Review

Bugatti tests super product Chiron Pur Sport on the track

Since the Bugatti brand was brought back to you by Volkswagen in 2005, its cars have always been designed to achieve top speed in a straight line instead of running fast on the track. Bugatti has been very successful in that field when their cars need less than 3 seconds to reach 100 km / h and have speeds above 400 km / h. Of course, that was the story before Bugatti debuted the Chiron Pur Sport, their first track-oriented hypercar.

With the Chiron Pur Sport, Bugatti wants to show the world that they can not only build fastest cars, but can also build fast cars on the track. After a long isolation, recently, the French supercar company brought the Chiron Pur Sport back to the track so that it can continue to refine this car in a more intensive way. The place that Bugatti chose to test this time is the Bilster Berg racetrack, located in Tentoberg forest, Germany. This track is considered a suitable place to test the car when there are 9 right turns, 10 left turns and nearly fifty up and down slopes lasting 4,274 km.

The consecutive challenges here not only give Bugatti the most objective reviews of the responsiveness of the Chiron Pur Sport’s chassis and steering system, but also show Bugatti’s team the response of the gearbox and the tire of the car on the track. “This is very important in development because the Chiron Pur Sport is designed for maximum performance and cornering capability,” said Stefan Ellrott, Head of Development at Bugatti. “With the Chiron Pur Sport we are pursuing a more radical and radical developmental approach. It would be the perfect car for all those who enjoy cornering at the limit of their vehicle and want to feel connected to the track ”.

For three consecutive days, eight Bugati engineers tested this car around the Bilster Berg racetrack. The Chiron Pur Sport’s new chassis is tweaked while the new Sport + mode makes the car less likely to slip sideways when cornering at high speeds, something that almost no other Bugatti has. The new front bumper, larger diffuser, rear spoiler and 50 kg lighter than the regular Chiron have all contributed to this car going faster on the track. The drivetrain is also upgraded as the gearbox is more responsive and shifts faster than the standard Chiron. The maximum speed of the car is limited to 350 km / h

Bugatti’s head of the chassis, Mr. Jachin Schwalbe said: “With the new geometry suspension with softer Michelin tires, large spoiler and more traction, every turn of the Chiron Pur Sport will be full of speed. “. Every few laps, Bugatti’s engineers will look through the data they have while the car is resting inside the garage.

For Bugatti, Chiron Pur Sport is a new chapter of the company. This is the first car that the company will bring a feeling of excitement and danger to the rider when using on the track. More tests will take place in the near future, including a visit to the Nurburgring racetrack, before production of sixty Chiron Pur Sports begins in the second half of this year. In the US, the Chiron Pur Sport has a starting price of $ 3.6 million.

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