Bugatti released details about the Type 35 for children

Bugatti released details about the Type 35 for children

At the Geneva Motorshow in 2019, the Bugatti brand announced an extremely special model in collaboration with The Little Car Company, recreating the shape of the brand’s “legendary” Type 35 racing car in century ago.

Although all 500 cars were sold out only 3 weeks after the launch event, due to some reasons, some customers have changed their decisions, so there are still opportunities for Those wishing for a chance to own this extremely unique Baby II are, of course, empty orders left in extremely small quantities.

The original Bugatti Baby was born in 1926 when Ettore and his son Jean decided to build a miniature Type 35 for Ettore’s youngest son, Roland, as a gift for his fourth birthday. Ettore and Jean originally intended to make only one for Roland, however the feedback from customers visiting Molsheim was so positive that this interesting model went into production and sold between 1927 and 1936. .

Compared to the original Baby in the 1920s, this new version is designed to be 75% larger than the actual car, meaning that a 14-year-old can comfortably use it. roof, not cramped like the original Baby with the size of only 50% of the real car.

The car will be produced and sold in three versions with engine limitations as well as different exterior color options, interior leather colors. The base version is made with a composite bodywork and is powered by a 1.4kWh battery. The more advanced version is Vitesse with a carbon fiber bodywork, a 2.8kWh battery pack and an upgraded powertrain that includes a speed limit lock similar to current commercial models. Bugatti. The highest version is named Pur Sang with the same transmission as Vitesse but the body is made of aluminum. Using traditional training techniques similar to the original Bugatti Type 35, each aluminum body takes more than two hundred hours for skilled craftsmen to fabricate. Pur Sang is designed with collectors in mind.

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All versions of the Baby II are equipped with rear-wheel drive, limited slip differential, high-performance hydraulic brakes and selectable driving modes. The base model comes with two modes: Novice limited to 20 km / h and 1kW power and Expert capped at 45 k / mh and 4kW.

Vitesse and Pur Sang editions include Novice and Expert drive modes and get the extra performance from an upgraded powertrain, unlocked with the legendary Bugatti Speed ​​Key. This allows the car to have power up to 10kW and with a weight of up to 230kg, Vitesse & Pur Sang models can reach top speeds of up to 70 km / h. Depending on the weight of the driver, the car can accelerate from 0-96 km / h in just 6 seconds.

The lithium ion battery packs combined with regenerative brakes will also surprise users. The base version can reach a range of 25 km on a single charge. The larger battery pack in the Vitesse & Pur Sang models doubles, meaning the driver can reach more than 50km, and the batteries can be replaced easily if the rider wants to go further.

When it comes to handling, the Baby II is perfectly modeled on its legendary predecessor, the Bugatti Type 35. Based on a digital 3D scan of an original Lyon GP car with structural shapes and The suspension is identical, with only one modern detail being the adjustable dampers, allowing customers to adjust handling in ways that were not possible in the Type 35’s heyday. Bugatti’s test drive, Andy Wallace was involved in the ultimate development of Baby II tuning and setup. In addition, key elements of chassis refinement were carried out at the Prescott Speed ​​Hill Climb.

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The car also owns some “refresh” details such as the fuel pressure gauge on the Type 35 has been designed into a battery meter, the oil meter has been converted into a power meter. The pedal is machined from monolithic aluminum with the legendary Bugatti logo. The aluminum dashboard is simulated exactly like on the original Type 35, and custom switches control the LED headlights in different modes. In the front of the car is Bugatti’s famous Macaron logo, made of monolithic silver.

In addition, all Baby II owners will become members of The Little Car Company Club and the Bugatti Owners Club and can attend events where these tiny cars can Show off your talents.

With the base version, prices will start at € 30,000. The Vitesse version starts at € 43,500 and the Pur Sang goes up to € 58,500. With various prices and corresponding premium options, Bugatti offers interesting choices for both those who want to buy for use or for collection.

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