BMW announced the M Performance upgrade details for the new generation M3 and M4

BMW announced the M Performance upgrade details for the new generation M3 and M4

In addition to the launch of the new generation BMW M3 and M4, the BMW brand has simultaneously released upgraded details to enhance the sporty look of these cars from M Performance.

These high-quality upgraded accessories have been developed by combining the experience of BMW M world tracks and tips and advice from our motorsport experts. surname. The tuning details are designed based on the looks of the new BMW M3 Sedan and the new BMW M4 Coupé, thereby helping these models become more aggressive than the original. Most of these details will have to satisfy some criteria such as lightweight construction and aerodynamic efficiency, thereby helping to increase the performance of both high-performance models.

First, BMW has introduced a new suspension and exhaust system, giving the car a sportier driving feel as well as an emotional engine sound. Customers can opt for a lightweight exhaust system with the air reversal control specially developed for M-series models. This is about 5 kg heavier than the original exhaust system but at the same time feels good. Sports car driving. This exhaust system delivers an emotionally rich sound tailored for these two commercial vehicles. In addition, both ends are decorated with titanium wrap and ceramic coated.

In addition, customers can choose the M Performance sports suspension that has been developed and tuned on a variety of roads to create the best possible equipment for these M3, M4 equipped with this detail. . With the roll cage suspension system, the user can reduce the height of the car from 5mm-20mm compared to the original version. In addition, the car is also equipped with BMW Motorsport, M Performance sports brake pads to ensure shorter braking distance, better response characteristics with high heat resistance.

In addition, the options from the M Performance package also have high-end carbon details found in the exterior as well as some cladding in the interior compartment. The M Performance package gives the car a carbon front fascia, the M Performance front carbon splitter as well as the spoilers for a more aggressive look. At the side of the car, the car is equipped with M Performance carbon air intakes creating eye-catching highlights and the carbon side decorations of the M Performance make the car look significantly sportier than the original version. At the rear, the car can be equipped with a small M Performance carbon rear spoiler attached to the luggage compartment rim or a large, angular M Performance spoiler, giving the car a sporty look. when upgraded with this equipment pack.

The most prominent, however, is the M Performance rear carbon diffuser package that combines the M Performance titanium silencer and the M Performance titanium exhaust head with ceramic coating and matte black finish. The M Performance titanium and carbon exhaust trim details also offer a sporty option to personalize the standard exhaust systems of the BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupé. The high performance versions can be further customized with M Performance Motorsport. In addition, owners can choose to trim the bodywork in blue, red and purple BMW M colors that are tailor-made to suit the vehicle’s shape.

BMW also offers wheel upgrade options for two M3 and M4 models. Wheel options include Frozen Gunmetal Gray multi-spoke 963M Performance wheels with M Performance measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. In addition, the brand also offers an optional BMW M Performance 1000M wheel in Matte Bronze or Jet-Black glossy black with the letter M Performance. Customers can completely choose the wheel from the M Performance Parts with the size of 20 inches in the front and 21 inches at the rear. In addition, BMW offers optional wheels for winter operations as well as wheel covers. This set of wheels has a size of 19 ” 5 split-spoke, 829M complete, can cover the snow chain to ensure safety when driving on snow or ice.

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