Bentley won the Bathurst 12h race with a display of Continental GT’s ice power Review

Bentley won the Bathurst 12h race with a display of Continental GT's ice power
2020 Bathurst 12 hour. Mount Panorama, Bathurst, Australia Thursday 30th January to Sunday 2nd February 2020. World Copyright: Daniel Kalisz Photographer Ref: Digital Image _KPR2883.CR3

Last weekend, the first race of the Intercontinental GT Challenge 2020 – Bathurst at 12 o’clock in Bathurst, Australia with the Continental GT3 racing car. In addition, the special Continental for the ice race – GP Ice Race has also achieved a lot of success and made the audience admire.

At the Mount Panorama racetrack, the Bentley Continental GT3 No. 7, driven by Maxime Soulet, Jordan Pepper and Jules Gounon successfully won the race. Although before that, the car did not perform too well at the qualifying session and only took the 11th place. The joke at the previous test session was also a bit interrupted by kangaroos (Kangaroo). Run into the track and compete with the racing cars here.

On the official race day, the 7-hour Bentley takes only 7 hours to rise from 11th to leading position with the perfect performance from the car and the team. A bit of trouble with the tires at the end of the race was handled neatly before the car rolled over after a total of 314 laps, a new record for this race. Outdoors, the weather was always around 40 degrees Celsius and there was little rain, but as soon as the race was over, the Bentley team had fun and celebrated the victory under a heavy rain.

The director of the Bentley racing division, Paul Williams, said of the win: “What a wonderful weekend. Our team has been pushed to the limit but has shown that whatever race is present, you can never give up. It was a worthy win at the International GT Challenge for our Continental GT3 – we have argued many times, especially at Bathurst, so it’s great to finally make it a reality. It’s a great way to start our season and we hope it’s a sign of what’s going to be coming to our customer groups around the world as we kick off our motorsport program. our biggest sports ever ”.

Besides the impressive victory of Continental GT3 at Bathurst 12pm, Bentley also made fans in Austria admire with the ice performance of the ice-running version. The Sven Rauber sled rickshaw, recreating the traditional ski races held during the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Petersburg Moritz.

The ice-running Continental has been kept as close to production standards as possible, with minimal changes to safety compliance including a rear anti-roll frame, fire suppression system, racing seats and multi-point seat belts. The air suspension system has been raised to provide ground clearance, and the dome extension can be increased by 15 mm in width. It features a pair of Lazer’s high-performance lights, a custom exhaust system from Akrapovic and a bespoke roof rack holding a pair of Bomber x Bentley skis.

The next round of the International GT Challenge is Spa 24h which took place in July. Now, the attention of Bentley and M-Sport, will return to the customer racing teams and the new Bentley Motorsport Academy, together with programs extensive testing and development. Meanwhile, the Ice Race Continental GT will return to the UK, before hitting the Geneva Motorshow in March.


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