Bentley launches the used vehicle quality certification program Review

Bentley launches the used vehicle quality certification program

To ensure the uniqueness and exclusivity of the Bentley rolled away from the factory, Bentley recently announced a quality accreditation program for used cars.

Every Bentley when shipped is a work of art created from the hands of artisans at Crewe. Throughout 100 years of history of birth and development, currently 85% of Bentley cars are produced still capable of rolling on the street and this number is impossible. As a commitment to the quality of used cars, Bentley launched a Certified by Bentley program to evaluate and validate any used Bentley, ensuring they are of the same quality as the brand. to the new owner.

Each Bentley that passes this program will be provided with a certificate of complete service and replacement of parts supplied by Bentley itself whenever necessary. This certificate will record the entire life of the vehicle, each maintenance and repair to give customers more peace of mind that they will own a car created by Bentley’s heritage and are fully maintained by this luxury car company.

“When a customer chooses a Bentley certified vehicle, they are investing in a brand that always makes special cars,” said Mark Keeping, Used Automotive Division Head of Bentley Motors. The exceptional quality of each car, which means whether new or old with a Bentley certification scheme, owning a Bentley is a wise decision.

“The lower than expected cost of ownership makes owning a Bentley an option for a wider potential customer base. And every car is handcrafted at our headquarters in Crewe, UK, meeting the same refined standards no matter when it’s built.

Certified by Bentley Bentley cars will provide owners access to a unique lifestyle that goes hand in hand with joining this brand network with discerning customers. Invitations to exclusive events worldwide also Bentley Factory Tours are just a few of the special benefits of owning a Bentley.


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