Bentley launches the special edition Continental GT Mulliner

Bentley launches the special edition Continental GT Mulliner

Recently, British luxury brand Bentley has “released” the latest Mulliner version based on the Continental GT Coupe model. This is also an impressive model that was launched to demonstrate the ability as well as the uniqueness of the models that the brand can build through Mulliner personalization.

This special edition will be officially launched at the Salon Privé event which will take place on September 22 at Blenheim Palace, UK. During this event, the Continental GT Mulliner will be displayed next to the cult limited car of Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.

This new Continental GT Mulliner Edition features a number of exclusive upgrade details from the brand’s personalization department. The front grille of the car has been redesigned in a “Double Diamond” style with a combination of chrome and black. In addition, the Mulliner inscription will be attached to the side air vents of the car. In addition, the car is also equipped with a Satin Silver mirror cladding as well as the doorstep with Mulliner letters, door lights illuminating the Mulliner logo.

The car is equipped with multi-spoke wheels up to 20 inches in size, combining satin gray paint in the middle as well as the rim is finished in chrome. In addition, the logo in the center of the wheel will remain the same as the vehicle moves. This set of wheels has also been featured on the Continental GT Convertible Mulliner version released not long ago.

The interior compartment of the Bentley Continental GT Mulliner is designed to maximize the luxury and luxury of a super luxury car from the UK. This is also the result of the personalized design team as well as the experienced workmanship of the brand’s craftsmen. This interior compartment can be combined between two different skin colors with different color lines to create accents for the car.

Bentley also offers this GT Mulliner version 8 options for interior color scheme, bringing a feeling of luxury from the subtle color combinations. Similar to the previous GT Convertible Mulliner, this version also has an interior compartment designed with diamond motifs. These vignettes are designed to stretch on the door abs, rear compartment or even on the surface of the seat. In addition, the headrests of each seat are also embroidered with Mulliner letters to represent a limited edition.

To create beautiful diamond motifs for the interior compartment, the craftsmen had to make more than 400,000 stitches, more specifically, each diamond motif takes up to 712 stitches centered. Carefully help create a masterpiece, giving the interior luxury of this car. To research and develop this embroidery process, Bentley engineers spent up to 18 months.

Customers can also choose the interior trim for their vehicle with 88 different options to suit different requirements of customers. Burr walnut boards will be sanded and hand-polished to create a smooth surface finish before painting to match the customer’s chosen color. After painting, the cladding will be polished to create the best surface finish before being installed on the vehicle’s interior compartment.

For the Continental GT Coupe, customers can choose between two engine options: Bentley’s iconic 6.0-liter W12 with 626 hp or 4-capacity V8 , 0 liter with the ability to produce 542 horsepower capacity. In addition, this version will be equipped with pioneering 48V electric active anti-roll technology Bentley Dynamic Ride, which provides the ability to control and stabilize the body when cornering and create a sense of comfort when traveling on the long road.

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