Bentley launches six color schemes for the Mulliner Bacalar Review

Bentley launches six color schemes for the Mulliner Bacalar

Bentley launched the super luxury two-seater Mulliner Bacalar in early March. The company says this is its most luxurious and sporty car, bringing a feeling of excitement and harmony with the outside environment without a hood. To show customers the beauty and personalization of Mulliner on this model, Bentley recently launched six concept colors corresponding to six different themes.

Following this theme are named Clerkenwell, Menlo, Fulton, Greenwich, Brickell and Randwick, respectively, inspired by 6 locations around the world. According to Mulliner, a new color pigment was developed to give a metallic effect to the paint color, giving it a better look. And with this pigment, Mulliner can create the myriad of paint colors they and customers want.

“Each of the six profiles we create has its own personality and purpose, but they all have in common in terms of showing Bacalar’s ultimate level of personalization and detail,” she said. Says Maria Mulder, Bentley’s head of color and decoration.

“Regardless of your personal style, be it designating your Bacalar with a dust-blended Yellow Flame exterior paint, or a more subtle Moss Green reflecting the legacy of the car, either to develop your own artistic pipeline, or co-create some unique fabric color schemes, Bacalar offers you these opportunities ”.


This configuration is inspired by the Brooklands racetrack and is known for its modern style that stands out from the British racing history. Its Clerkenwell name refers to the Clerkenwell district in central London, home to some of the city’s oldest buildings.

The car is coordinated with two main colors: brown and green. In the exterior, Moss Green’s main paint color is coordinated with the interior in Cumbrian Green and Golden Oak leather. The interior is decorated with saddle color contrast stitching and Cheltenham tweed fabric.

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This name is taken from Menlo Park, Palo Alto, California. It is home to many of the world’s largest entrepreneurs and technology companies.

On the outside, this configuration gives the Bacalar painted blue (Cobalt), as opposed to the black leather (Beluga) inside and the Cyber ​​Yellow accents that are fitted throughout the vehicle. Meanwhile, modern gray Alcantara suede (Anthracite) is further decorated with glossy black veneer details (Piano Black) used to complete the interior.


This color scheme was inspired by the River Fulton district, a suburb of Chicago. This configuration of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is covered in a red paint color called Laquer Red.

Inside, you’ll find pieces of Open Pore Riverwood that last up to 5,000 years with polished black veneer details (Piano Black). The interior is upholstered in black leather with red contrast stitching.


This configuration was inspired by the personalized tailoring and countryside of England, in collaboration with the City of Greenwich.

On the exterior, Bacalar’s Greenwich color scheme will get a New Gray paint color, which captures all that Greenwich is showing, “classic but still evolving”. Inside, the interior is covered with red leather, Cricket Ball, contrasted by gray tweed, Open Pore Riverwood, High Gloss Riverwood, black contrast fabric, …


Brickell configuration was inspired by the Miami financial district. This financial economic zone is shaped by high-rise buildings, luxury apartments, art galleries and luxury shops.

The exterior looks beautiful in a new Atom Silver color scheme, contrasted with Hyperactive orange accents. Inside, the interior is upholstered in Brunel leather, Open Pore Riverwood and Piano Black veneer, while gray tweed is added to add sophistication and class.

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Finally, we have the Ranwick color scheme and this is also the color scheme that Bentley chose to use on the Bacalar when they launched this model. This golden configuration is inspired by rays of sunshine in the suburbs of Ranwick, Sydney.

The exterior is finished with Yellow Flame as the main color with contrasting black details. The main interior color is black, with gold trim details and gray woven tweed. This is also the first time Bentley has used Khamun sewing thread on one of its models. Details such as 5,000-year-old wood cladding and glossy black veneer are also included.

In addition to the six concepts for Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, the British luxury car company also opened a design contest called “Design Your Own Bacalar” via Twitter through @BentleyComms. This contest is for both adults and children, all you need to do is download the blueprints and fill in your favorite color. This is also a way to prevent people from going out on this occasion.

According to Bentley

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