Aston Martin first introduced the engine that will be used on the Valhalla Review

Aston Martin first introduced the engine that will be used on the Valhalla

To get ready for the third supercar using Formula 1 racing technology, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have jointly developed a completely new V6 engine block. This engine block has recently made its debut with an extremely impressive first sound.

This 3.0 liter V6 engine block is codenamed TM01, taken from the legendary engineer name of the company in the 50s and 60s of the previous century, Mr. Tedek Marek. Aston Martin uses this name because it is the first engine block developed by the company itself since 1968. Previously, Aston Martin’s cars often used engines provided by Mercedes-AMG, while super Valkyrie cars use V12 engines developed by Caterham.

The new engine block equipped by this sports car company on Valhalla will be supported by a hybrid drivetrain and has a capacity of about 1,000 horsepower. Detailed specifications will be announced when the car is ready to be sold.

On this engine block, Aston Martin uses a “hot” V design with dual turbochargers placed between two rows of cylinders. Aston Martin said this new engine block will weigh less than 200 kg and did not announce the detailed configuration of the hybrid system. However, the company revealed that this will be one of the most powerful engine blocks in the Aston Martin segment.

“Investing in your own drivetrain is a difficult requirement and our team has had to rise to overcome this challenge. Moving forward, this dynamic block is an indispensable result of what we do and those first signs of what this engine will achieve are extremely promising ”, Chairman and CEO Aston Martin Group, Mr. Andy Palmer talks about the TM01 engine.

Aston Martin Valhalla is the third project to be implemented in partnership with Aston Martin and the Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing. The car will be positioned above the Vanquish Vision Concept and below the Valkyrie senior. Similar to the Valkyrie, the car uses the same design as the LMP1 supercars, but is slightly more commercial than the Valkyrie. Valhalla owns a FlexFoil spoiler system designed by aerodynamic expert Adrian Newey. Inside, the car uses a very simple interior design, the seats are attached to the floor while the steering wheel and the screen and buttons are minimized.

Aston Martin said the car will compete with successors Mclaren Elva, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. The British sports car company will only make 500 AM-RB 003 units and the price per unit will be around 1.3 million USD and will be sold in 2022.

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