Aston Martin expects DBX sales to “fly high” Review

Aston Martin expects DBX sales to "fly high"

Launched last month, the DBX was the first SUV in Aston Martin’s 106-year history. With multi-purpose sports cars on the trend, it is not surprising that Aston Martin’s expectation that DBX sales will make a large contribution to next year’s sales.

At the moment, sales expectations of the DBX are now higher than ever by Aston Martin. Especially when in the last two quarters, sales of major sports cars were not high. The DBX is likely to become its most strategic product next year, especially as CEO Andy Palmer recently increased the company’s debt to perfect this SUV at the final stages of testing before it. to the customer in the middle of next year. In a conversation with Autonews Europe, Andy said he feels confident that the line will find customers in the new segment, paving the way for sports cars using mid-engines. as well as future Lagonda electric sedans.

He also expects sales of this model. Andy Palmer wants the car to be able to sell about 4,000 units (the highest is 5,000) in a year (sold all 12 months) and become the company’s best-selling model. In addition, he also hopes that next year, Aston Martin will sell somewhere between 6,000 and 6,500 units with DBX as the main product, although the SUV will be sold in the middle of next year. Besides the DBX, next year Aston Martin also has a new sports car, a convertible version of the Vantage, which will be launched in the near future.

Aston Martin also learned that the largest markets for these cars would be the US and China. Therefore, the car was originally oriented to these two markets for development.

In addition, he also wants the DBX to motivate current Aston Martin owners to give up the SUVs from other brands they are using to switch to DBX. “70% of Aston Martin customers today have an SUV in their garage, so the big deal is done. Now, we just need to direct these people to switch to DBX as their daily means of transportation instead of the other SUVs ”.

Finally, he did not forget to reveal that the first Aston Martin SUV will be equipped with hybrid powertrain in the future. “We are not sure when it will be available, but by the middle of the next decade, all models on sale and to be sold will have this petrol-electric drivetrain option.”


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