Adventum Coupe – the two-door luxury SUV is starting to roll away from the factory Review

Adventum Coupe - the two-door luxury SUV is starting to roll away from the factory

In 2018, Land Rover made a splash by launching the two-door Range Rover SV Coupe at Geneva Motorshow. This unique car quickly sold out 999 units for $ 295,000, however, for some economic reasons, the company had to cancel this version of the Range Rover to focus on more mainstream models. . Not long after, custom builder – Niels van Roij Design saved this particular model and released a Range Rover SV Coupe based vehicle called the Adventum Coupe.

Adventum Coupe is a Range Rover designed by Niels van Roij with bodywork made by body specialist Bas van Roomen from the Netherlands. Therefore, this Adventum Coupe will be somewhat different from the Range Rover SV Coupe that Land Rover launched before.

On Adventum Coupe, it is easy to see that the hood is not too low and curved like on the SV Coupe that Range Rover has released before. Column B on the Range Rover has been moved to the rear to create a more solid foothold for the hood while Column A has been redesigned to better fit the SUV-coupe design. Instead of using the original doors, Niels van Roij has subtly designed for the Adventum Coupe two-door borderless cars, modern and sportier.

The bodywork uses reinforced D7 aluminum platform, creating reliable stability. Each body plate is completely hand machined by Bas von Roomen. Some other details are retained from the standard five-door Range Rover, such as the front bumper, front end, bonnet and rear doors.

Niels van Roij will sell the car in Arctic White exterior color along with the interior in contrasting red Nappa leather and black decorative details (Piano Black). Rear seats are made with two individual seats in the style of super cars. The interior will also be hand-finished teak in multiple positions if desired. The company will also offer many luxury options that are not inferior to those from Land Rover.

Built on the Range Rover SVAutobiography platform, Adventum Coupe uses a supercharged V8 engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters. This engine block produces a maximum capacity of 518 horsepower and a maximum torque of 600 Nm, power is transmitted to the wheel through an 8-speed ZF gearbox. Customers can also opt for a different Range Rover before sending the vehicle to van Roij.

There will be only 100 Adventum Coupe produced by Niels van Roij and selling for $ 299,835 each and will be adjusted to the configuration of your choice. When booking a car, customers will have to deposit an amount of 55,525 USD and the company takes 6 months to be able to complete the car.

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