“Admire” unique extreme products: Ferrari Omologata

"Admire" unique extreme products: Ferrari Omologata

Ferrari has just suddenly announced the birth of a “unique” car called the Omologata. This is the result of a project lasting up to 2 years and Omologata was developed based on a prototype with a V12 Ferrari 812 Superfast engine.

This is the car model ordered exclusively by a VIP guest, and the Omologata is the 10th “exclusive” model to use the V12 engine in the brand’s new era. For this model to be officially completed and ready for handover to customers, Ferrari’s team spent about 2 years designing, developing and manufacturing the Omologata.

This tenth Ferrari project builds on the Ferrari 812 Superfast’s V12 platform with completely redesigned details, offering an exclusive model for a visitor from Europe. Ferrari Omologata still retains some details of the 812 Superfast such as the lights, rearview mirrors, … However, most of the remaining details of the aluminum bodywork are exclusively designed with lines and air cavities. rounded design, modern, completely different from the angular design of the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Omologata owns a design inspired by the GT racing car, science fiction and design modernity of Ferrari. True to its name, Ferrari Omologata is inspired by the racetrack, however, the car is a great choice for both street and track driving.

When designing the Omologata, Ferrari aims to exploit the proportions of the powerful composition in the front center to deliver an impressive design that is composed of deep lines with the air cavities. Ferrari wants to create a futuristic design with special elements drawn, designed in a new way to turn the Omologata into a car with impressive timeless beauty.

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