Admire super product Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk unique brown color Review

Admire super product Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk unique brown color

If talking about the degree packages for the cult V12 model of the Lamborghini Aventador, perhaps the packages from the Liberty Walk brand are a name that cannot be ignored. In addition to the standard package, this brand has given the Aventador 50 limited edition kit upgrades, giving the Aventador a much more aggressive look than the commercial version.

It can be said that this is one of the most successful builds as well as received many compliments from car enthusiasts around the world because the package has given the car a new, aggressive appearance and characteristics. The brand’s main feature is the wide side panels, large spoiler along with the bodywork that is lowered to the ground with fork lifting.

However, on this Aventador Liberty Walk, the car is not equipped with the familiar wide body kit, instead a different body kit with upgrades somewhat “lighter”. This body kit was also released a long time ago, but not as popular as the wide body package.

This package only gives the car a new front bumper, the front racks, the body and rear end and the stylized spoiler. The front bumper has been redesigned, slightly different from the original version with an angled splitter combined with a long front clip. In addition, the car is also equipped with a set of LED daytime running lights that have been neatly integrated into the front bumper air vents.

Instead of the Forgiato wheels commonly found on Liberty Walk cars, this car is equipped with RS 12 wheels from the PUR brand. The wheels are painted in a gray, powerful gun barrel with 5 strong curved spokes, which are integrated with the car’s aggressive look.

In terms of color, this is probably not the original car color when shipped, perhaps repainted or discolored by wrap method. For the Aventador that has been shipped or even through the personalized Ad Personam program, there has been no record of a car with this color, only one with brown in different shades. This color is unique when under the sun, the paint reflects the eye-catching golden reflection.

The interior of the car has also been upgraded with a combination of white leather on a dark leather background, along with the diagonal patterns on the seat as well as the door abs, giving a sense of luxury. and comfort, in stark contrast to the car’s aggressive exterior.

Normally, the degrees from Liberty Walk will not interfere with the engine. These degree packages will only bring improvements to the exterior, making the car more aggressive when traveling on the street. In -, the movement to upgrade vehicles with Liberty Walk packages is very developed when there are 6 cars installed with expensive wide body packages, the most recent is the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Silhouette GT.

Photo: Liberty Walk

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