The 2020 Honda CBR250RR Review

The 2020 Honda CBR250RR is expected to launch in Indonesia in August

According to some information from the Indonesian media, the completely new Honda CBR250RR 2020 sportbike may be about to be launched in this market in August. Notably, the new CBR250RR is also added by the Japanese automaker with expensive equipment such as the Smartkey system, Slipper Clutch and Quickshifter.

Previously, in January this year, Honda CBR250RR 2020 was soon introduced to the Japanese market with a affordable starting price. Along with that are 3 color options, including Pearl White, Matte Black and the powerful White / Blue / Red HRC color scheme.

Shortly thereafter, the Japanese automaker also announced plans to launch the CBR250RR for the neighboring markets. But due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire plan was temporarily postponed.

Up to now, when the disease situation has gradually become stable in Southeast Asian countries, it is also time that Honda CBR250RR 2020 is about to be released, as expected to be the Indonesian market. The Indonesian media and the biker community in this country have also recently made predictions about the time when the Honda CBR250RR 2020 will be launched – possibly August this year.

As is known, Honda CBR250RR 2020 will have 02 versions for customers to choose from with different equipment packages. However, both versions are equipped with the same 250cc double cylinder engine block with the power to reach 41 horsepower. In addition, the CBR250RR 2020 also features a Quickshifter, Smartkey or Slippper Clutch feature for the high-end version.

Thus, it is likely that Honda CBR250RR 2020 will soon launch the Indonesian market in August (possibly) with some small changes to meet the needs of customers. However, before the arrival of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R in recent times, CBR250RR 2020 will certainly face a great difficulty when approaching the Indonesian market.

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