25 May 2013

Resurrection: We're back like Jesus... except we waited long enough for you to know we were REALLY dead.

Game 5: Wings vs Toews pube chin.

A visual of my viewing experience: crammed in a building with people I hate, an annoying voice over the PA, a terrible song coming over the building.

Am I stuck in hell?


Is that hell the United Center?


I'm stuck inside a Walgreens and it is the worst pain you will know. I can't even find time to take a piss without being beckoned from the speakers above... which I suppose is relatable to hockey at The Joe since you can't take a piss without missing half a period. (First world problems).

Having a grand ole time watching on your big screen? Feel free to tweet me and let me know how its going. Because I'm going to be helping grandma find her depends and junior find the condoms (which he is certain to steal... let's just hope those fuckin things break)

Anyhoo, on to the hockey (which this born-again blog was made for and kinda the reason it died, I honestly don't have an original thought about this crap. So without further filler, here is my forethought on game 5.)

Seems to me like the Wings need to weather the storm that will be the first 5-10 minutes. They haven't been able to push against it all series and I sure dont see a reason that they can prevent it this game.

If they do that, then this is our game. Chicago's will is going to be broken. Toews will cry to his momma, but lucky for him, I know where the menstrual products are... aisle three sir pubeless captain, aisle three.

Seen you in another 2 years. 


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