27 June 2011

Playing Boss: The Unrestricteds

We're days away from 01 July, the mark of the start of Free Agency. It's during this period that big roster changes will come to teams across the league, big-name talents will look to make a pay day, and Glenn Sather and Brian Burke will have cashgasms all over low-talent players' faces and chests. Most of the big signings will happen on Friday, and it really marks the last worthwhile thing to happen in any of our lives until October. 

Most years, the Wings are not major players in the free agent market. Our team has so often been directly against the cap that we simply couldn't afford any of the game-changers that come on opening day of the free agent frenzy. We haven't made a 01 July signing since Marian "October - March" Hossa when Hasek's contract came off the cap. 

This year looks to be different, however. The cap has risen to $64m, Rafalski's chunk of change is removed due to his retirement, and we find ourselves with some money to spare. With 17 players under contract, we've got over $16m to play with. Our roster has some needs - a replacement for Brian Rafalski, a backup goaltender, and a top-6 forward. We've also got a few guys who are unrestricted free agents, and Kenny will have to make a decision on who's coming back at what cost. 

So, since the most important test of my life is only a month away, I've decided to spend my time analyzing the situation we find ourselves in before Free Agent Frenzy begins this Friday at noon. Let's start with our own unrestricted free agents, shall we? Presenting:

The Winged Wheel's List of Shit to Do with the Dudes We Had But Might Not Have Soon Depending on how Negotiations Progress, Mutual Interest, and Other Available Options On The Open Market That May Serve as Potential Replacements 

Catchy, eh? Now, some of these decisions have already been made. Contracts have been offered in some cases, or Kenny's indicated that he'll take a wait and see approach with some guys. That being said - I'm largely going to ignore most of that information and tackle this from a "if I were in charge" perspective. I know that's a terrifying proposition, but bear with me. It's not real and this nightmare will be over soon. I promise. Anyway, lets start with a Winged Wheel favorite, shall we?
  • Chris "400 Wins, Bitch" Osgood
To be completely honest, I'm on the fence here. I know that may be surprising considering the buckets full of praise I've showered on The Wizard on this site, but it's true. Before Joey MacDonald decided that he wasn't interested in a two-way deal, I had it settled. To me, considering his play last year, it made tons of sense to sign Joey Mac to a deal and start him off in the AHL, continuing to mentor McCollum. Then sign Ozzie to a deal, no question. With a capable backup in the AHL as insurance in case Ozzie's surgery didn't quite take, there'd be little risk in bringing back the Wizard. 

Now, I'm not so sure. See, the upside with Ozzie could be outstanding. The last couple years, admittedly, haven't been good to Osgood's numbers between the pipes. However, many wings "fans" are quick to forget how lights-out he was in 08 or during the 09 playoffs. There are all kinds of explanations for that kind of decline we saw during the 09 and 10 regular seasons. One could be that after Todd McClellan bailed, we were stuck with Brad McCrimmon (I'm just now realizing how much the Wings love the micks). Since McCrimmon took the bench, our defense has been decidedly un-Wing-like. Shots on goal went way up, and our PK started shitting the bed on a regular basis. Now, we've got vacancies in those coaching spots, and Babs can hopefully fill them with someone who's not terrible at his job.

Another explanation could be that Ozzie was simply falling apart. Just consider his major groin/abdomen/cahooten-valve surgery this year. The Wizard went under the knife just after reaching the summit of #400. That's at least some evidence that Ozzie was hurt, and the pain was keeping him from playing at his full potential. There's where the upside comes in. If the surgery takes, and Ozzie's play returns to 08 form, he is far and away the best option for this team. Not only is he an outstanding mentor for young Jimmy, but he can likely be had for a near-minimum contract. That's some serious value, if all works out right.

But that's kind of the problem. Everything has to work out right. That's a pretty big risk, and as much as I love Ozzie, I'm not sure I want the Wings to undergo that kind of dice rolling. Jimmy needs a backup that can take some time away from him. 63 starts is far too much. And hell, even if Ozzie turns out perfect, Babcock might just decide to be a stubborn dick about it, per usual, and make Howard play all 82 games. 

So... I guess my answer is "shrug." Kenny plans on waiting a bit into free agency to decide if he's going to call Ozzie back, and that sounds like the right move to me. If there aren't any real options, we can always fall back on the tried and true, three-ring, future hall of fame inductee. If someone better can be had cheap - well... I'll be sad to see Ozzie go. On the bright side, hopefully it'll mean all the sooner that he finds himself on the FS-D broadcasts so Murph will finally be out of a damn job.
  • Jonny "As Much Wasted Potential As The Floor of an Adult Theater" Ericsson
Oh, gee. I wonder what Greg's views are on whether Ericsson should remain a Red Wing? 

Yeah - fuck that kid.

Actually, in all honesty, I wouldn't be SUPER pissed if Big E stays. The Braintrust obviously sees some real potential in the kid, and we saw some flashes of what he can actually do during the 09 playoffs. It sure would be annoying to let him walk away, have Brian Burke give him a eighty-billion dollar contract, and suddenly have Ericsson turn his game around. Plus, who knows how much of E's suckitude comes from Brad McCrimmon mindfucking him into mediocrity. 

But the fact remains - Ericsson sucks. He sucks long, and he sucks hard. He's been absolutely terrible on our blue line. Replacing him with a sack full of sand would be an upgrade. Often, the biggest obstacle to our success is that he's got a healthy ACL. Every time he's on the ice, Wings fans everywhere hope that he tomahawks an opponent across the mouth just because it's better to be shorthanded for five minutes than to have him on the ice for 30 seconds. I could go on, but I wouldn't want to exaggerate.

So fine, if E wants to stay for a pittance, I say keep him. If we roll with 8 d-men, he can spend a bunch of time looking pretty in the press box. No harm, no foul. Unfortunately, it sounds like E has been offered a multi-year contract, at around $2m per. If that multi-year is several years, and he actually turns his shit around, maybe it'll be worth it. As it is, it just looks like the Wings are overpaying for a guy based purely on potential and not on results. Unless, of course, Ericsson does the funniest thing in the history of time and pulls a Lilja by turning down the millions of dollars he neither deserves nor is worth. 
  • Ruslan "Graduate of the Marian Hossa School of Playoff Performance" Salei
Here's another decision that's already been made. Rusty wants to go be with his kids in that bullshit state that ought to fall into the damn ocean already. Good for him, its nice to see a guy put family over his career.

Well... at least in Salei's case. Salei signed his one year contract, filled a roster space, and didn't suck 65% of the time. He did his job. Unfortunately, 35% of the time he did suck. And, unfortunately, a good part of that sucking came in the playoffs. He did his job, no hard feelings, but there's no way I'd want him back when there are UFA's to be had, and rookies waiting in the wings. Farewell.
  • Mike "Haley Joel" Modano
Boy howdy, people got pissed at ol' Mikey Mo. Lots of Wings fans have decried the Modano experiment as an utter failure, and seem to blame it a bit on Modano himself. I'm not quite part of that camp. Unfortunately, the dude got in a freak accident just as he was finding his stride, and was never given the chance to get back to playing. It would have been nice for him to be healthy - but whatever. Either way - the one year experiment with Detroit was just that. One year. He's still mulling his future, but he won't be back in Detroit, and that's probably for the best. He's still got a wicked shot, but there's no doubting that he's lost a step or six. Plus, he lost a lot of good will when he started talking about retirement at the beginning of the playoffs. Doesn't exactly show a lot of dedication and heart. So, thanks for the year Mike. I'm sure the jersey sales in Westland and Livonia were enough to make it worth it for you.
  • Kris "Thunder Beard" Draper
Bring him back. Another year, another shot at a fist full of rings. Captain Norris is the Captain... but by most accounts, Draper is the vocal guy in the locker room when shit needs to be said. He's a good mentor for guys like Danger Helm, and when he's on the ice, he makes that fourth line better and faster. He can still take faceoffs, and he plays the PK like a champ. That, and he'll likely play for a pittance. It sounds like he wouldn't complain about the occasional stint in the press box, and he's a Red Wing through and through. Plus, now that the Jets are back in Winnipeg, he can have a bit of a victory lap. One dollar, my ass. 

Draper's presence does good things for Abby and Helm, staples of our team. His return would likely mean the departure of Eaves, Miller, or both, but that's OK. Neither one of those guys has some huge amount of untapped potential that would make their loss irreplaceable. He's cheap and he's still a damn good role player. Plus, I can't imagine the Wings cup celebration without that beautiful ginger forest of a beard. I say bring him back for #12. 
  • Patrick "Holy fuck that's a big ass dog" Eaves
Here, I think we should take a wait and see approach. I'd really like Eaves to be back, and it sounds like he wants to stay in Detroit. He's a great defensive forward, he can hustle, and he's got a good offensive mind here and there. However, we've currently got 17 of a max of 23 roster spots filled. Add to that 2-3 D-men, and a backup, and we've got between 2 and 3 available roster spots for forwards. Jan Mursak and Corey Emmerton are both due to make the big club, and are out of waiver exemptions. That means they'd just be free to a good home if they don't make it full time. Assume one of the two to be a staple in the big club next year. That leaves 1-2 spots open. That could even be zero open spots if Kenny decides to carry 8 D-men, as he very well may. If we sign Eaves and keep him, we either have to let Mursak and Emmerton go, or miss out on the opportunity to sign a top 6 forward. True - we could trade ValFil or Hudler, but I'd expect that if there were much league interest, Happy would have been gone before the draft. 

I know, the above analysis could also apply to Draper. But, for the reasons described above, I'd rather have old man beard than Mr. Eaves any day. Eaves has more-or-less maxed out his potential, and his ability to mentor young kids like Helm, Abby, or even Mursak or Emmerton, is limited compared to Drapes. Also, loyalty is one of those funny intangibles that helps sell our team to free agents, and Draper's earned it if we can afford it. Plus, it'll be that much more hilarious to all the "ha ha the Wings are old" Lamberts of the world, when we win #12 with Drapes.

So, to me, as good as Eaves has been for us, we'd lose too much by retaining him. I say wait and see. Look on the market, see what's available. If there's a free agent to be had with more offensive upside, sign him. If not, maybe give Patty another go round. 

Word is, Eaves has been offered a contract. Hopefully Kenny's got it in his mind to sign him and try and trade him or cut him loose if nothing else shakes out. Sorry Eavesy, we'll miss you and your giant dog.
  • Drew "Salt 'N' Peppa" Miller
As I see it, Miller is a poor man's Eaves. He's good, don't get me wrong. But he's a fourth line role player that is relatively easily replaced. Unless some crazy trade happens where it frees up our roster space, I just don't see any room for Miller. If there is any space at all, it'd come behind both Draper and Eaves. Again, sounds like he's been offered a contract, but I'm really hoping it's for a sign-and-trade. Otherwise, it could signal that for the first time in a long time, Kenny's OK going into the season with a whole heaping load of cap space. While that could be just fine come deadline time... I'm not so thrilled with the idea of a Wings team not doing everything possible to win. I'd like that top 6 forward. Unfortunately, Miller stands in the way. Hopefully his rejuvenation here is enough to convince another team to toss some dollars his way. 

And those are the free agents. I'll likely blow important things off in the near future to discuss some of the UFAs on the market because, well... why not? 

...is it October yet?

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  1. J-RockJune 29, 2011 5:05 PM

    Hey, if we don't take Miller maybe the Sabres will give him a shot. Having your brother as one of the best goalies in the league can't hurt.


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