20 June 2011

Another Lap: And in the streets, they rejoiced

As opposed to whatever they do in Vancouver, I guess.

Did you hear those angels singing Handel's Messiah? How about those heavenly trumpeters heralding a great triumph? Did you feel the earth shake like it only does when a thousand unicorns simultaneously reach climax?

He's back, bitches.

He gave us a bit of a scare there. True, we all kind of knew deep down inside that our fearless leader still had plenty in the tank and a desire to round out that fist full of rings he's pushing for. But that doesn't mean that we weren't all a bit worried.

OK... maybe "a bit" is putting it lightly. Perhaps some of us were shaken to our very core at the mere thought of what this team would be like without the best defenseman in the league. Perhaps we got a little carried away once or twice. Perhaps one or two of us found ourselves naked on the roof of a police station, brandishing a rusty shiv and chanting in tongues. You know... not to be specific or anything. 

Still, deep down, we knew this had to happen. 20 years of making the playoffs? Doesn't need to stop there now. The legend will return and hot damn this is going to be an interesting summer.

The cap is expected to hit $64 mil for next year. Rafalski's $6m is coming off our roster, and while it'd be near impossible to replace him when he's healthy, he hasn't been. That $6m can go a long damn way. We've got options left and right, and at the helm is the best damn GM in sports. New coaches are coming in - so hopefully that whole player apathy thing fades away and we fix the underperforming clusterfuck that has been our special teams and defense. And the cherry on top is that we'll have the best D-Man in sports and a perfect damn human to lead the team on the ice.

All that adds right up to a giant bucket of hell yeah. I cannot wait to see what Kenny does this summer, and I cannot fucking wait for October.

Lidstrom returns in June 2011. Lord Stanley returns in June 2012. Fucking. Right. Doggy.

...is it October yet?


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