03 May 2011

TP:60 Episode 17: Wherein vulgarity and playoff anxiety abounds

Last night I had the privilege to jump on TP:60 with Hollis, Discher, and Petrella from The Production Line and Mike Serven, proprieter of @mserven and @redwingsfeed on the twitters, and voice-sexer extraordinaire.

  • Take a listen to the shenanigans here: TP:60 Episode 17, or download the podcast through whatever podcast subscription service you know and love.
Things got a bit weird at times, as is inevitable when dealing with man-children, and perhaps even a bit depressing when talking about the Wings' recent struggles against the little bitches in teal. If we get too down on the team and you need a bit of a pick-me-up, just keep repeating to yourself: "bin Laden got shot in the dome... bin Laden got shot in the dome..."

Either that or wait 2 minutes for the next dick joke.

12 to 12. Tired of writing that. Lets change that number, Wings.


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