09 May 2011

No Shoot? No Shit

I need more shoot? I don't think so. Pavel Datsyuk and his 1 arm somehow defeated the SJ sharks 4-3 tonight. Did this game look familiar?

Well, it should have, except opposite. WE.GOT.OWNED.  Shots? We lost.... chances? We lost.... Effort? eh, that one was a draw... anything that WASN'T goaltending? We lost. I'm excited as anyone that we won the good ol' hockey game, but let's be real here. We've got a lot of room to improve and we got our asses owned. It's nice to win a game we don't have any right even being in. But let's do ourselves a favor and at least have all of us show up next game. 

Mule didn't play in the third for a reason... mother fucker is too hurt to be playing hockey in the first place. It's Mikey Mo or bust in the next game. If we wheel out another busted ass Mule then we better wheel out Bab's head on a stake because that's what i'm gonna be looking for... his being out there is TOTALLY insane.

For Babs this is "rally or bust". Show me you haven't lost this team, win the series and I'll rejoin those of us with unwaivering stupidity/faith. 

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