08 May 2011

Does everybody know what time it is?

No Tim, it's not Tool Time... go back to making terrible movies and talking about Michigan.

  • Anyhoo...
It's time for the Wings to show me that I'm an idiot for abandoning all hope, an idiot for shaving my sorry excuse for a playoff beard (though I doubt it was half as bad as captnorris5's neck beard- See Below), and an idiot for not buying tickets to game 6.

The Neck Beard in action

It's time for Franzen to either fucking shoot or sit in the press box. And yeah, I get it... his ankle hurts. But last time I checked his ankle doesn't prevent him from shooting... and if it does WTF is he doing in the lineup anyways?

It's time for a forward to become the leading goal scorer. Don't get me wrong, I love that Lids has put up 4 goals in the playoffs. Not loving that none of our forwards have scored more than 3.... totally unacceptable. Speaking of forwards not scoring............

It's time for Filppula to realize that it's not OK for him to not score or make plays. Your time for development is done, it's time you step up to the mainstream and start producing up to your supposed potential. Time for our friend Happy to get zapped in the dick, or just go back to Russia if you'd like, or die, you know... just pick one but either way this whole "forgetting what to do with the puck" thing is getting really fucking annoying.

Finally, it's time for the Wings to instill at least a shimmer of hope into this series by pulling out a HUGE win in SJ. Here's to a Game 6 at the Joe.

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