13 April 2011

Time to Shine: The real season is here

As the arguably greatest songwriters of this, or any generation, so eloquently put it:
Spring has sprung
Winter's Done
And Detroit will be the one
To Crown another Champion
This must be
April in the D
-The Good Luck Joes
For so many teams, making the playoffs is a goal. They begin the year and scratch and claw their way up the standings with every intention of squeaking in. For many other teams, winning a division is a big damn thing. If they can work hard for 82 games, facing tough opponents night-in and night-out, somehow putting together enough wins to earn at top 3 seed in the playoffs, they're ecstatic.

  • Those teams are not the Detroit Red Wings.
Folks, we just wrapped up our 82nd exhibition game of the 2011 season. For the Red Wings, this is when the season starts. Not to completely discount the importance of the regular season, but fuck it. It's a good past time. A fun hobby. A neato team building exercise. But, my friends, it ain't no playoffs.

No sir. When Al the Octopus comes out of hibernation (yeah, Octopi hibernate. They're the bears of the ocean) it's a whole new game. Scratch that. "Game" just trivializes it. Lifestyle. Religion. Spiritual Experience.

It's a big deal.

Tonight, the men in the Winged Wheel take the ice for that experience. Those last 82 games? They're out the window. No matter how shaky Jimmy has looked at times, no matter how lethargic some of our players (cough, MULE, cough) have looked, or how little they've seemed to care defensively here and there. All that shit is in the past. It's time for this team to do what this team does.

  • Win.
Time to illustrate exactly why the Red Wings have been the most dominant team of the last 20 years. Time to illustrate why Detroit is the one, and only, Hockeytown, U.S.A. Time to send those desert dogs back to fucking Winnipeg where they belong. Motherfucker, it's the playoffs.

And just to take it full-circle here, I leave you with some more lyrical genius from a hometown hero himself:

It Takes 16 Victories
That's not that many for this team
Been through this before
All we need to do is score
Get up, get ready, 
The Wings just can't be beat.

 -Mickey Redmond & The Lumberjacks, "Red White and You"
16 to 12, bitches.

  •  16 to 12.


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