29 April 2011

All The Prizes: The man with the golden voice gets them

Ken Kal has always been a personal hero. As a child, I spent many nights listening to him call the games on my shitty little FM radio while I was supposed to be sleeping. There is just about no sweeter sound on earth than to hear that man shout "SCORE."

But this? This is fucking awesome.

If Ken Kal is not your hero, he needs to be. That was beautiful. I've been wanting to do the exact same thing around here in Chicago for a while. Admittedly, however, the answers would probably be less coherent, and there'd be a lot more drooling.

May Bear Jesus bless Ken Kal for joining us in blatantly taunting an entire fanbase to get all riled up for the Western Conference Semifinals Grudge Match II Extravaganza. Bring on the Sharks and their lousy Californian fans. Hopefully that worthless coast finally falls into the sea the second Red Bird One takes off for DTW after Game 2.

12 to 12, bitches.


SaraD said...

"a masseuse" WIN.

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