17 February 2011

The Return: Weird? No. No, why would it be weird? It won't be weird. Right??

What do you mean? No, why would it be weird?

We haven't been together for like 7 months now. We're totally over it. It's in the past.

I mean... sure. We were together for 27 years. And yeah, many of those years were the best of our lives. I mean, the best. We were so happy then. Remember the big silver cup he got me for our 14th Anniversary? That was so sweet. He was always so thoughtful like that.

Not very creative though... he got me the SAME damn cup the very next year! And AGAIN just a few years later. Sure, sure I loved it at the time, but geez! Buy a girl a necklace now and then. You know, this is why we aren't together any more! It's just too bad it took so long!

No. No, I shouldn't say that. That's not true. I loved our time together. It was special. Nobody else was anything like him. So stoic and strong. I always felt safe with him around. Like nothing could go wrong. Like we could do anything.

But, it's in the past. He's moved on. We have a new life now. He's found someone new. And you know what? I'm happy for him! No. No, really, I am! I'm really really happy for him.

I mean, sure, she's only 19 years old... but, you know... love knows no age. I mean... good for him to go out and find someone only a quarter of our age... good for him. I really, honestly hope that he and that WHORE are happy.

Okay, okay. I need to take a breath. Admittedly, I'm a little flustered. I mean... what does she have that I don't? She's new and exciting, fine. But what's so wrong with a bit of age and wisdom? What's so wrong with being established and strong; not being afraid to say what you want? But if he wants to just up and leave to Florida with his new young hussy, fine. Who am I to stop him?

We're adults. Things happen. People grow apart, and I realize that. I'm fine. Really. I am. I know it's the first time we'll have seen each other since he left, but I've had time to grow and I'm doing just fine on my own. It won't be weird. I'm totally over it.

I mean...  that's not to say I don't still have hope for the future. Maybe after he gets this little mid-life thing out of his system he'll be ready to come back. I won't hold it against him. Hell, I won't even complain if he gets me that same cup over and over again. I'll treat him right, this time. Never let him go.

But no... no, it won't be weird. Why would it be weird?

It's just 2 points. Go get 'em boys.

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