14 February 2010

The Mule will don the Tre Kronor

Things just might be looking up for the Wings. Big win yesterday to carry us into the Olympic break. Two weeks rest for several guys who have logged tons of ice time because of injury. Now, good news:
DETROIT -- Tomas Holmstrom's ailing left knee has forced him to withdraw from the Swedish Olympic team, enabling Detroit Red Wings teammate Johan Franzen to take his place, according to Sweden's Expressen.
Link - Khan at Mlive
I feel bad for Homer. Considering where he's at in his career, this surely would have been his last shot at Olympic gold. However, for the Wings, this is a good thing. Homer's had nagging injury issues, and now he's got a couple of weeks to get that sorted out. The Mule has been playing like he's at 100%, but it wouldn't help to get him some conditioning on the world stage. Good times.

Personally, I'm pretty amped about the Olympic hockey. It'll give me a chance to watch the sport I love without all the stress. Don't get me wrong, I'd like Team USA to pull through, but I really don't care that much if they don't. Being a fan from the US watching Olympic hockey seems a lot like being a Lions fan: gotta root for the home team, but it's pretty unrealistic to think they'll ever win anything so it's more than acceptable to pick a second team. For me, other than team USA, I'm pulling for Team Sweden to repeat.

I'm still just happy that for the next two weeks I wont be fuming about a loss, but looking forward to getting Babs up that ladder.

13 February 2010

Holy Crap, the Red Wings Played Tonight.

A win against the Senators (IN REGULATION!) means Babs gets one rung on the ladder of destiny closer to the above ground pool full of Jack Adams awards and fake tits. He's climbing up to the second rung there because of that 1 point from the overtime loss against the Sharks.

Guess who's back.
Back again.
Mule is back.
Tell a friend.

And hot dog is he. 3 points in the last 3 games. He's playing like the amazing power forward we need him to be. 

And I'm loving every second of it.

You know who else is now officially back? Doctor Motherfuckin Dangle. Pasha's play earlier this season was uninspiring at best. Now? He's back to being the amazing game-changing force that we're used to. For a time in the beginning of this season, I questioned myself for ever considering him among the best in the league. It had just been that long since he played like he is now. Currently, he just takes the puck whenever he wants it. Then he picks the area he wants to go with the puck and just goes there. Three defenders in the way? Not an issue.

He's back to shooting, too. He kind of stopped for a while, but two attempts stand out tonight that show that, at least for now, those days are over. First, there was the backhander that rung off the post after he deked through just about every defender on the ice. Next, there was that sillybitch between the legs shot that came THAT close from coming in. I always wonder what is going through the goaltender's head when someone like Pavs pulls a move like that. 
Ok. Hell of a forward here. Gotta focus. Check the angles. Ok, I'm squared up. He's running out of space. He'll have to pull the trigger here soon. Backhand? Watch the 5 hole. Wait, is he passing? The pucks behind him. What the HEY WHOA SHIT WHAT HEY!
Wings win 4-1, despite a pretty stellar effort by Elliot. Honestly, if he weren't on fire we'd all be yumming down some free curly fries courtesy of Dangle Dangle. I'm thrilled, THRILLED, that I got to watch a game like that, and that we didn't blow a lead. We've got some reasons to be optimistic going into the Olympic break. Hopefully we'll get to see Mule donning the Tre Kronor, getting conditioned and Homer resting up and getting healthy for the big push through March.

Climb that ladder Babs. It'll be a long haul, but the prize is well worth it.

12 February 2010

Roster Move Coming: The Long-Shots

Fox Sports Detroit reported tonight that a roster move is imminent. This is pretty clear, considering Lilja's on his way back and we'll be over the 23 man limit, and the cap. So the question is not "will" someone be moved. But rather, "who" will be moved.

Common sense indicates a few usual suspects: May, Lebda, Meech. I can't imagine many teams are clamoring over the opportunity to swipe up these pylons, but they're expendable. Perhaps a draft pick or two could come back our way for one or two of these guys. Either way, if these guys go, its not for an immediate improvement to our team.

Others have suggested different options. Among the most popular of these: Maltby, Williams. Malts would be a shame to go unless it's on his terms, but it may make sense as he is an outstanding asset on the PK and could have pretty good returns. That being said, I'd hate to have him go. Honestly, I'd like him to re-sign and stick around to retire with Drapes. It just seems natural.

As far as Willy is concerned, McCosky at DetNews seems to think he's the most likely pawn in this little game. He's got a large enough salary to clear the space needed on his own, and he's due to be a UFA this July.

All of these scenarios deal with the prospect of moving players for draft picks. The subject of this post: Crazy Off-The-Wall Probably Wont Happen But Why Not Yammer On About It Trades. In that spirit, I present a few players who may be moved in a deal that is much bigger than draft picks.

  • Jon Ericsson
    Current Cap Hit: $900k;
    Contract Status: Signed through 2012
Next year, Jakob Kindl is with the big club. He'll be out of AHL options. He plays a pretty similar game to Big E and is one of our most prized prospects. On top of that, our blue line will probably be pretty full. Rafalski, Stewart, Kronwall, Lilja, and Kindl are all signed. I fully expect Captain Norris to return for at least one more year. That gives us all 6 for full-time pairings right there. If we hang on to Meech, an RFA, we've got our backup guy.

Ericsson has struggled mightily this season. That being said, he's a hell of a blue-chip prospect. His performance as a Black Ace last year really highlighted the potential that he has. That means he could fetch a decent return. Combined with another player, he might actually even be able to land the kind of blockbuster trade that turns our fortunes around and gives us a solid push to the playoffs.

  • Homer
    Current Cap Hit:
    Contract Status: UFA, 01 July 10
Still the best net-presence forward in the league. He's not always the quickest on his skates, nor is he always the most defensively responsible, but dude's got better positioning than Mary Brodeur. For a team pushing for a cup, he's be a tremendous asset. Hell, just think about our opponent tonight: don't you think our old friend Todd would love to have Homer on his side, straddling the blue ice, making life a living hell for the opposition? Again, I'd hate to see him go, and want him to retire a Wing, but he's a UFA in July, would free up $2.25m, and could fetch a pretty big return. The fact that he's been working through injuries all season can't help, but for one of those teams seeking that last piece for their top line, he could return quite a bit.
  • Big Bert
    Current Cap Hit: $1.5m
    Contract Status: UFA, 01 July 10
Why? Because after back-to-back "ugh, that would suck" scenarios, I want a scenario that makes me tingly inside. Hell, to me, Bert makes more sense than Willy. Williams is one of the only players on the team that shoots right. And Drew over at Nightmare on Helm Street has a hell of a point in that he's played less games in a winged wheel this season than Ville "ha! Enjoy Pennsylvania, dick" Leino, yet he has more points. For a team that has had some real trouble scoring, I'm not sure that we can really afford ditching a guy who can finish. Bert, on the other hand, is a streaky-fuck player. I said it back in December when he was scoring more than a point per game, and it's played out recently. The dude goes on tears, and then disappears. Beyond that, he still takes really stupid amounts of penalties in the offensive zone. Hopefully the flashes that he's shown this season inspire an overly zealous GM into trading something impressive for the guy. Hopefully he gets the hell of this team. Like, yesterday.
  • Raffi
    Current Cap Hit: $6m
    Current Contract Status: Signed through 2013
So I'm pretty sure Raffi's got a NTC. I'd figure it out for sure, but that would require research. This is my third post today on top of work, 2 classes, and a late night Trial Practice so... fuck research. Assuming Raffi would waive a NTC, he'd clear an entire SIX million in cap space. Coupled with a draft pick or a prospect, trading Raffi could pull in a nutso-type trade. An earth-shattering trade. A trade that will no-way-in-fucking-hell happen. But $6m is kind of a lot for a guy that can really have rough games. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure there's a better player in the league when it comes to coast-to-coast outlet passes. But freeing up that contract could land us a superstar who could score goals, and give Kenny a ton of wiggle room this summer.

  • Ozzie
    Current Cap Hit: $1.45m
    Current Contract Status: Signed through 2012
Well, we know one thing: Babs isn't a fan. He's cold. You know, the thing that never ever fucking ever playing ever will make you. Clearly the plan seems to be that going forward, Howard is the man. I really don't think its a good idea to trade Ozzie. Hell, I don't think it's a good idea to SIT Ozzie as frequently as Babs does. Dude performs in the playoffs, and Howard could slump at any point. However, it's that same ability to rock out in the playoffs that could give a pretty decent return. If this team has decided that Ozzie is not really in the picture for the future, they may look to move him. Doubt it. I'd be pissed about it. But hell, it's not like an underperforming goaltender hasn't been shipped out of Detroit before.

Overall, I doubt any of this will happen. In fact, with the exception of Bertuzzi getting the hell out of my city, I'm extremely adverse to any of these scenarios. That being said, this team could use a shakeup. They're playing like they just don't care. They're looking at the 08 cup winning roster, and they've lost 12 of the last 16 games. That's just unacceptable. It's not entirely unreasonable to think that perhaps Kenny feels the same way, and is looking to shake things up a bit. Hell, there were scouts from across the NHL at the Joe tonight - will a big move surprise us tomorrow?

No matter what, we'll continue reciting our motto:
  • In Kenny We Trust.

11 February 2010

First Update to The Blame Game: I've got good news and bad news.

(Confused? You should probably read THIS first)

The good news:

Well, we got a point. Could be worse. Uncle Mike is half step closer to that glorious above-ground pool.

The bad news:

Half a torso gets added to the doomsday gallows. We can only lose 7.5 games outright now.

Remember when Holland said in the news that this team needs to be better than .500 from here out if we're going to make the playoffs? Well in the last 16 games we're .250.

I didn't see the game tonight because I was stuck downtown doing Trial Practice much longer than any human being should ever have to. As I understand it, it was at least an encouraging effort.

I'm tired of encouraging efforts.

I'd like a win, thanks.

The Blame Game: Will we stay the same, being lame, or maybe finally play our game?

I would not, could not, in a box.
I would not, could not, with a fox.
I will not stop being a complete douche.
Nor will I think of a word that rhymes with douche.

Horrendous. Horrendous title. Whatever. Moving on.

This post introduces a new feature to The Winged Wheel, to carry us through the remainder of the regular season: The Blame Game. Before I get into the meat of it, I'd like to explain some of the reasons why.

As I recently pointed out, I'm not too thrilled with Mike "fuck you, Chris" Babcock. I personally disagree with some of his choices. I've had trouble with some of the things he's said. Right now? I'm just mad about where this team is.

I know, we've had a lot of injuries. Hell, for a time there in November and December we performed better than I could have possibly imagined with the issues we had. But lets just consider our recent performance:
  • Four wins in our last 15 games. FOUR. As in: how many letters are in the words I use to describe the last 15 games.
  • In those same 15 games, we've been outscored 38-50.
  • We've given up 507 shots on goal, and average of 33.8 shots per game
  • We're sitting in the 9th spot, 2 games away from the Olympic break. Not only that, but literally EVERY team chasing us except the Oilers has a better record over the last 10 games. That means, everyone else with a legitimate shot for the playoffs are ALL gaining ground.
The question I have is "why?" Why the suckfest? Injuries? Not recently. For the most part Larry Aurie has eased up a bit - giving us back a Conn Smyth winner in Zetterberg; our resident pain-train, Kronwall (for a short while); one of the only right-handed shots we have, Williams; the grinding Newfie, Cleary; and the big-dumb under-performer, Jonny E. The Mule came back and performed admirably against the Blues. Overall, though there's been a bit of a revolving door to the trainer's table, we're not suffering the same health issues that we experienced earlier in the season.

Is it a lack of talent? Nope. Not at all. With the exception of Sammy, Drake, and Hudler we're staring down the barrel of the 2008 Cup Champions. Are you really ready to say that the Phoenix God-Damn Coyotes are a more talented team than the Detroit Red Wings? Are you really hoping to assert that the L.A. Kings have better depth than this decade's dynasty? No. No disrespect to Shane Doan (you stupid son of a bitch, your mother has loose moral character), but he's not Pavel Datsyuk. And sure, Drew Doughty is a force on the blue-line. Oh yeah, we've got Lidstrom, Rafalski, Stuart, and Kronwall. It ain't talent.

So what is it? A lack of heart, passion, or stamina? God, that's tough to accept, but who knows? What I do know: on every other team in the entire league, with the possible exception of Buffalo, the buck stops with the guy behind the bench.
  • El Coacherino.
  • Das coachka.
  • Craig T. Motherfucking Nelson.
The Coach.

When the team stops playing like it should, the finger gets pointed at the Coach. Not in Detroit. The reason seems to be because Babs is widely considered to be one of the best in the league. But let's face it: until this season, he hasn't faced much adversity. He's had the kinds of rosters where he could literally grab five guys and random, send them on the ice, and know that they'd make it happen. This year, he's got a roster that doesn't allow that and we're on the outside looking in, behind teams with less talented rosters.

So I'm changing the game. Introducing, "The Blame Game."

We have 65 points right now. 95 points seems to be the magic line that many project will divide playoff teams from those getting in some real-life Golden Tee practice. We're 30 points away. That's 15 outright wins in the remaining 23 games. That gives us 8 outright losses left.

I'm putting it all on Babcock. I'm going to stop picking on individual choices, or individual performances. Unless he decides to go apeshit and really say or do something that I can't keep my mouth shut about, you will no longer hear complaints from me.

Instead, you'll see a steady progression of the following two images.

The first image here is inspired by the game we all knew and loved as children. Hangman was perhaps one of the first games we played when blowing off something we didn't want to pay attention to, like Church or School. Here, every time the Wings lose a regulation game, I'll add one of 8 more pieces to Bab's body (two arms, two legs, two skates, a tie, and - of course - a fedora). When Babs is complete - it means we either missed the post-season, or should have and are only getting in because someone else gave us a gift.

On the other hand:
15 Outright wins to (fingers crossed) make the playoffs. For every win, Babs will move up one rung of the ladder toward the above ground pool filled with fake tits and Jack Adams trophies. It's all or nothing. Hero or villan. Asphyxiation or doing the boobie backstroke.

Let the games begin.

Now, let me be clear: Despite the pessimism of this post (and my life in general) I know that by the end of the season, Babs will be swimming in that above-ground pool and we'll be the team that absolutely NOBODY wants to face in the first round. Or the Semi-finals. Or the Conference Finals. And boy will it be depressing to be the team that watches our team surge back to win our 12th. When that happens, I will heap praises upon Babs and gladly accept that he's the hands-down best in the league. He will have overcome. He will have truly grabbed the reins of an injured roster, and dragged that horse of a team up a mountain himself.

But if he doesn't? The blame lies with Babs. Fuck Larry Aurie, it will be Uncle Mike's fault that this dynasty misses the playoffs for the first time in 19 years. There are a variety of adjectives that could describe that scenario. This list includes the terms "unacceptable," "disgusting," "tragic," and the ever-scientific characterization, "fucking horse-shit." In short: it will not be OK.

Thus: The Blame Game. The prizes at stake are priceles; the consequences: less than desirable.

Game on, bitches. Game on.

09 February 2010

He's Back and He's Pissed: A tale of unquenchable bloodlust.

Tonight, at long last, he returns.

#93 - The Mule - Johan "What are you looking at, pissant" Franzen.

Before we get to that, I'd like you to imagine a scenario. Imagine that you've been bound and locked in a cage. For the next four months, you are repeatedly subjected to genital electrocution, severe beatings with rods of bamboo, and waterboarding in a bucket of tobasco sauce. Do you think you might end up being a bit frustrated?

You don't know the half of it.

Turns out, there is a much worse fate. Namely, to be a pure goal scorer, sidelined for the same amount of time by the angry vengeful hand of Larry Aurie, forced to watch your team consistently fail to score goals. Forced to stand witness to blown lead after blown lead. Forced to watch a guy named Bertuzzi play on your line.

That's been the Mule's fate since eight days into last October. He's been watching Pavel Datsyuk pace for 65 points. He's seen each and every penalty Bertuzzi decided was necessary to take in the offensive zone. He's watched Babcock refuse to put anyone other than Brett Lebda on Ericsson's pairing. He's watched clear goals being waived off for us, and clear non-goals deemed good against us. He's watched the ghost of Larry Aurie swoop into the Joe and murder-rape the season. Basically, he's watched everything we have. The difference?
  • He could do something about it.
As frustrated as I get, I know that my fat ass will never contribute in any meaningful way to a Red Wing victory (unless I happen to attack Lebda with a meat-cleaver.) The Mule? Barring a Larry Aurie Knee-Fuck, he'd easily add another 25-30 goals to our meager total of 150 so far. That can't be easy.

He's mad. Boy howdy is he mad.

You want proof? Well, it's been a while since we've seen #93 lace them up. His consistent frustration has taken a bit of a toll on him. He looks a bit different. Lucky for you, the Winged Wheel has managed to get a hold of a snapshot of him at the pre-game skate today. You ready?

Yeah... the Mule is pissed.

24 games left and we're on the outside looking in. 20 of those games are against Western Conference teams. It's time to sack up and win. The key to the post-season? The Mule and his Anger. Put him next to Dats, give him the puck. Look for him to personally double this team's season goal totals by mid-March.

Oh, and for fuck's sake Mr. I - Get #6 in the rafters before anything else happens.

06 February 2010

You know what?

Fuck it.


Kovie a Devil....For now

Ok, so this isn't at all "Wings" related. Get over it. Devils signed Kovalchuk, the hired gun in exchange for well... either nothing if they win the cup or... everything if they lose it. Either way, who wins out of this ordeal isn't really important...... right now. The winner of this trade will be the team that wins Kovie in the long run.

Here are a few options...

First, and certainly the funniest, the Atlanta Thrashers. Now, I know this won't happen at all, but you have to admit that it would be awesome to see the devils just DONATE Bergfors, Oduya, some high potential prospect, a high first rounder, and trade a good second rounder for absolutely nothing... fantastic

Second, Kovie goes to the KHL. Yep the same shit ass league that our boy "happy hudler" went. Fuck the both of them and fuck that league for taking away good NHL talent. I really see this as the worst of all options, leaving the league would only strengthen the KHL and weaken the NHL and unfortunately as far as I can see this is actually a good option for Kovie, although it would make him a dirty red, and FYI the cold war isn't over.

Third, the luckiest team in the NHL signs Kovie for much less than he was asking in Atlanta, because we all know nobody wants to play hockey in Georgia.

Anyhoo, back to more Wings topics in the following week... such as: Brad May: Enforcer or Drapers kid's baby sitter, Ville Leino: Yes I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose, Mike Babcock: Osgood fucked my wife but I still won't let it affect my hair style.

05 February 2010

The Olympic Break Can't Come Fast Enough

Why is it that the Wings are getting healthier and playing worse? I don't know and I'm damn glad it isn't my job to figure out why. The Wings are two players (Franzen and Lilja) from being a healthy squad, yet with every returning player the Wings seem to play with less energy. Don't get me wrong, it was a great effort against the Sharks... but where was the effort against the Ducks? It's like there were 2 completlely different teams out there. I know the second night of a back to back can be hard... but having to realize that golf will be all you have to look forward to in the off-season should be a bit harder to swallow. A bit of passion will lead to better results. Here's to hoping the Olympic break will bring some desire back to the club.

01 February 2010

Sharing the Blame: Hey, Babs, you're pissing me off.

This might be the only team in the league where when the players aren't responding, the only person not blamed is the coach.

Yeah, I get it. He's a helluva coach. 1 Cup, 3 Finals appearances, Coach Canada, etc. But go ahead and tack this little gem onto his resume:

It's February. That dark grey line between the 8th and 9th spot? That separates teams that play for the Cup, and those that work on their handicap. Three points separate the Wings from the 10th spot. Five from the 12th. And honestly? The way the Wings have been playing lately, they should not be this close in it.
  • Yes, there have been crazy injuries (Thanks, Larry).
  • Yes, we had some off-season losses in firepower (Thanks, Gary).
  • But that does not excuse this team from failing to even show up (Thanks, unnecessary rhyme scheme.)
For the most part, I like to defer to Babcock. He clearly knows more than I, which - admittedly does not take much. Dude's got a resume. Dude know's hockey. Great. One problem: It's February and the Wings are on the outside looking in. Our schedule is not getting any easier. There's just two weeks to the Olympic break and after that we're looking at 21 games, only THREE of which are not against Western conference teams. If we play like we have over the last few weeks, there's no way we make the playoffs.

Should the Coach really not be held responsible? At all? Is it still a crime to cast derision on the guy? I'll be the first to overreact and scream and yell if this team makes the playoffs and he does not win the Jack Adams. But right now - the way things are going - that's not going to happen. We're hanging around in the standings, below the Coyotes, the Avalanche, the Predators and the Kings. Who among you legitimately believes that any one of those teams is, at least on paper, better than the Wings?

Consider the weapons the guy who calls the shots has in his arsenal. He's got one of the best top lines in the league in Pasha, Z, and Bert. He's got the best defenseman in the league in Nick Lidstrom. He's got some of the runners up in that category in Rafalski and Kronwall. He's got a hot goaltender who is standing on his head. He's got some of the best second and third liners in Filppula, Cleary, Helm and Draper.
  • He's got the 2008 cup winning team minus Franzen (for now), Hudler, Samuelsson, and a decrepit, aged, falling apart, Dom Hasek.
Where does he have this team? Barely clinging on to the 9th spot.

With this post, I only submit that this is not OK. It's just simply not OK for the Wings to be on the outside looking in, in February. Not with this team. I've certainly taken my shots at blaming the offense, blaming the D, and - though I may be overprotective of Ozzie - blaming the goaltending. I think its time to really round this out.
  • Mike Babcock, the buck stops with you.
I recognize that so far, I have not provided much substantive criticism. So far I've harped on nothing much more than the standings. Well, far be it from me to keep my mouth shut when it so perfectly fits my foot. A few issues I have follow:
  • The Matchup-Game

This has bugged me for some time. Specifically, my concerns here date back to last season. Yeah, that would be the season where the Wings could score at will. Sure, we had some defensive problems at times, but that offense was scary good. Nevertheless, Babs chose to worry about the matchups and juggle the lines depending on the team we were playing.


Let them worry about it. Why play down to the other team? Let them figure out how to contain Datsyuk and Hossa. Let them figure out who to match up against Franzen and Zetterberg. Just go out there and play the damn game. Hell, last season, Babs had what I'd call a "1-2-3-4-5 coaching" roster. The principal qualification of such a roster is that a coach could, every 45 seconds to a minute and a half, simply say "1-2-3-4-5," tap five random players on the back, and boom - new line.
  • Yesterday's Shootout Choices
As the crack team at NBC so aptly pointed out yesterday, Pitt was 6-0 when facing the shootout. They've got some firepower. To combat that, the Wings will need some goals. Recently the shootout has been proceeding pretty well with Dats, Z, and Bertuzzi. First shooter last night? Dats. Check. Second shooter? Z ... wait... Williams. What?

I get it, Williams has a laser and has performed well in the shootout in the past. So let him go fourth. Why mess with something that's been working(ish)? It's a minor gripe, but a gripe nonetheless. We needed that point. We lost that point. Not OK.

  • Brett Lebda EVER being on the ice with Jonny Ericsson
Ericsson: -10. Lebda: -7. Every time they're on the ice, you can hear the opposing coach start jumping up and down giggling like a little girl who just turned on the Happy Pony marathon. Does anyone really think this pairing is a great idea? Good idea? Anything less than an absofuckinglutely terrible idea?

Didn't think so.

I get that the guy doesn't have many options here, but why not TRY something else. For a coach who is so concerned on who gives the team the best shot to win every single night in goal, he certainly doesn't seem to give a shit about how his third defensive pairing effects things.

Speaking of which...
  • The Goalie Situation
This is really the reason I sat down to write this post. Well, that and procrastination. But mostly the goalie situation. Here's a bit of a gem from yesterday's post-game comments:
"It's great, isn't it? It's called goaltending," coach Mike Babcock said. "He battled and gave us a chance."
Link - Khan @ MLive
"It's great isn't it... it's called goaltending." I wonder what that means? It's not very explicit.

Oh wait, yes it is. It's dripping with "Hey, guys, we just lost, but I want to say something important. Fuck Chris Osgood. I can't wait until he dies so I can piss on his grave."

Babcock took a shot at a goaltender who was NOT EVEN IN THE GAME. Maybe in normal circumstances I'd give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But his track record this season is pretty clear:
  • Dude doesn't own any #30 jerseys.
He's not a fan. So much so that he spent a good portion of this season jeapordizing the team's future by allowing a goaltender to sit in a bench for a month. Where he's off playing penny slots, watching Lebda and Ericsson fuck everything up together, with the goaltending situation, he's slapping it all down on green. He's slapping a cup-winning goaltender in the face by refusing him any playing time. And now?
  • He's motherfucking the guy in the press.
Not OK.

Not OK to bitch in the press. Not OK to slap him in the face, over and over. Not OK to let him get cool. Not OK to stubbornly refuse to change pairings that don't work, and shuffle the shit out of others like someone with an attention span of a jack russel terrier. Not OK to be staring down the barrel of missing the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.


Though, considering the record of this blog, he'll win the Jack Adams tomorrow. Wrong Cannon blast away.
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