02 December 2010

TP:60 Ep#7: Wherein hockey is discussed and shenanigans are had

I had the honor and privilege to hop on TP:60 with the fellas from TPL and Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle the other evening. It was quite the experience, involving a little bit of hockey talk, and a whole lot of immaturity and general tomfoolery. As I'm sure nobody who reads this blog is a little bitch, you're all aware of the genius that comes out of TP:60 each week, so I need not remind you. However, in the event you need such an absurd reminder, go listen to that shit. They do a helluva job.

  • You can find this week's episode here, or you can download it through the iTunes.

Now go have an eargasm.


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