08 October 2010

At Long Last: Take a cool drink, the drought is over

It's October, bitches.

Fresh Michigan honey crisp apples. Oktoberfest beers. Temperatures in the high 60's as the leaves begin to change. College football finally stops that BCS bullshit where douchebag AD's pad their win columns by playing as many obvious mis-matches as possible. NFL is in full swing.

And who gives a shit?

All of that autumn glory pales in comparison to the real reason that October is better than unicorn sex. At barns across the league the ice has been laid and painted. The skates are laced up, the sticks are prepped. The rubber is about the hit the ice.

Hockey's back.

Now, technically Hockey was back yesterday. But really, other than a few good laughs at Marty "Well, at least he's not making $6m" Turco, I couldn't care less. Real hockey begins tonight. Tonight, begins the March to 12.

It's not going to be quick. There are 82 games between now and April in the D. There will be bumps along the way. Hell, Ericsson is bound to be sure that's the case. There may be injuries, setbacks, slumps, and doubts. The pundits will declare that we're too old, too past our prime. They'll question our goaltending, challenging whether our backstops are enough to get it done.

In other words, they'll say the exact same shit they've been saying for the past decade while we've won numerous division titles and put up 100+ point seasons.

Color me not worried about it.

In fact, color me damn excited. All signs point to fuck yes. When the Wings take the ice tonight, they'll be doing so with more rest than they've had in years. They'll be doing it with the best Defenseman to play the game. They'll be doing it with the best coach in the league (need proof? here). They'll be doing it with the best two-way forwards in the game, in the prime of their careers. They'll be doing it a mule with intact knees. And they'll be doing it with the deepest forward corps of any team, including a third line featuring Happy, Newfie, and the most prolific American-born goal scorer of all time.

They'll be doing it with one goal.

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Sure, teams will try and stand in our way. We play in a tough division. Nashville's got a solid defensive corps and superb goaltending. Columbus boasts the dynamic power forward Rick Nash and a goaltender looking to rebound from a sophomore slump. Chicago's got... um... well they've still got pizza...

Hockey's back. And so are we. Puck drops tonight in the motor city, for another epic chapter in Red Wings history. Thus begins the March to 12.

Lets. Go. Wings.

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