04 June 2010

Longevity: Yet another thing Hockeytown has over Chicago

Sure, the Hawks are playing for the Cup right now.

And yeah, the Wings are off watching Tigers games, participating in batting practice, and enjoying their offtime.

But there's one more thing that the Wings are doing that will make sure that no matter what happens in the next few games between the Hawks and the Flyers, they'll be our bitches for years to come:

  • They're ensuring that we'll be back.
"The Red Wings finalized a two-year contract with free-agent forward Tomas Holmstrom for $3.75 million, the Free Press learned Thursday."
Link - Via St. James at Freep 
Big news. Homer was by far our most important free agent forward. A Wing for life, one of the skaters on our team needing just one more ring for a fistful of bling. The absolute best net presence forward in the entire league - bar none.

And not only that, but Kenny got some good news recently. Shit... what was it again? It's slipping my mind...

Oh yeah.

Lidstrom, the lynchpin to our success, the key to our classifciation as condenders, the perfect motherfucking human: Back for a year. Not only that, but Captain Norris took a pay cut. He'll be paid $6.2m for being the most valuable player in the league.

Yeah, I said it. He is. If you disagree: you're flat out wrong and it's likely you either don't watch hockey, you choose loosing arguments on purpose, or your IQ hovers somewhere below room temperature.

Ahem. Anyway. That highlights the reason that it really doesn't matter what happens in this series. Well, that and this:

Go ahead and do that math. I promise it will make you happy. Well, unless you're Stan Bowman. The cap currently stands at $56.8m. The Hawks payroll for next year? $57.59m. Even if the cap goes up $2m - currently the highest projection - Chicago will be staring down the barrel of being just about a million under. That's with 9 forwards, 4 defensemen, and Cristobal "Someone please hire me that guy's agent" Huet.

Ha. Get it? The Flash. In a Pan.
Boom. Roasted.

After this series is over, go ahead and stick a fork in 'em.

Conversely, the Wings are going to be looking at coming into a season with more rest than they've had in four years. They'll be doing so not with just their core of top forwards, but with the greatest defensive player to ever lace them up wearing the C for at least one more year. They'll have relatively inexpensive younger guys cracking the roster, and veterans used to winning hardware and lighting lamps doing what they do best. So as long as Larry Aurie leaves us alone and injuries don't fuck us like they did this year, the Central will be ours again.

So go ahead bandwagoners - relish in literally the smallest window of opportunity in all of sports. And continue to hold it over our heads like it proves something. The fact remains, this little example illustrates the difference between our franchises: Longevity. We've got a GM and a front office that knows what the fuck they're doing. It doesn't take us years and years of lottery picks to finally get a one-year shot at the cup for us. We contend year in and year out. And while we don't win them all - we win more than anyone else. At the end of this series, the Red Wings will be back. The Blackhawks?

Well, maybe the Bandwagoners can hope Lebron picks Da Bulls.

Go Catstrophic Building Failure and/or Flyers!

...is it October yet?

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  1. ChitownWingsfanJune 4, 2010 2:06 PM

    The real question is which Hawks are the Wings going to be able to pluck away. I could see Ladd coming for cheap and with development, making some good contributions. I'd take Burish too.

    Either way, it should be fun to face an 8th seeded Hawks team in the first round next year.


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