10 May 2010

Giving Back: Ah yes, there's that salty, cruel disposition we're famous for

So, yesterday after the loss, I was down. Dejected, saddened, depressed. Though, oddly, I was able to deal with it. I didn't break anything. I didn't permanently damage any personal relationships. Hell, I only said fuck once in an entire post.

Well, enough of that feel-good nonsense. Today, I sat, pondering the depressing fate of my beloved team. While doing so, I came to the conclusion that I'd need something to keep me occupied during the all-too-early offseason.

Well, what better than bringing out some big brass balls and publicly mocking a team that's still alive and kicking?

I present to you, a new Winged Wheel feature:
  • Fucking With Fuckers.
Ok... I'll need to think of a better name... suggestions are appreciated. Nevertheless, here's our first installment.
  • Blackhawk Bandwagoners Assistance Program
Just in case the wonderful people over at Craigslist manage to take this down anytime soon (you know, in case they decide it's somehow more offensive than a myriad of sexual solicitations by underage transvestites), here's a screenshot:

I'll keep you lovely readers updated as the responses pour in. I'm sure there will be some gems.

...is it October yet?


Mauvais gardien de but said...

I just saw the Craigslist ad on Facebook. I signed on to Twitter and lo and behold, here it is. I think it goes without saying that this is fantastic! The thought of someone trying to explain why Kyle Wellwood jokes are funny has made me giggle for the last 15 minutes.

Well played, sir. Well played.

And I'm assuming you'll keep us updated as to whether or not anyone takes you up on your offer?

CaptNorris5 said...

Haha, I'm glad you approve.

And of course. I'm looking forward to hopefully posting some of the gems that come through as responses.

AceDeuceMGoBlue said...

Why are Kyle Wellwood jokes so funny?

Vicky said...

Twitter is good for some things, like #KyleWellwoodIsSoFat

JB said...

Epic win, even though the wings lost you aren't whining about who should resign and who should take a pay cut, you are bashing the other wanker fans in the balls.

Good show Ol' boy, Good show.

Jamie Favreau said...

I love this... I love that you backed it up even after the ad expired and/or did not make the cut.

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