12 February 2010

Roster Move Coming: The Long-Shots

Fox Sports Detroit reported tonight that a roster move is imminent. This is pretty clear, considering Lilja's on his way back and we'll be over the 23 man limit, and the cap. So the question is not "will" someone be moved. But rather, "who" will be moved.

Common sense indicates a few usual suspects: May, Lebda, Meech. I can't imagine many teams are clamoring over the opportunity to swipe up these pylons, but they're expendable. Perhaps a draft pick or two could come back our way for one or two of these guys. Either way, if these guys go, its not for an immediate improvement to our team.

Others have suggested different options. Among the most popular of these: Maltby, Williams. Malts would be a shame to go unless it's on his terms, but it may make sense as he is an outstanding asset on the PK and could have pretty good returns. That being said, I'd hate to have him go. Honestly, I'd like him to re-sign and stick around to retire with Drapes. It just seems natural.

As far as Willy is concerned, McCosky at DetNews seems to think he's the most likely pawn in this little game. He's got a large enough salary to clear the space needed on his own, and he's due to be a UFA this July.

All of these scenarios deal with the prospect of moving players for draft picks. The subject of this post: Crazy Off-The-Wall Probably Wont Happen But Why Not Yammer On About It Trades. In that spirit, I present a few players who may be moved in a deal that is much bigger than draft picks.

  • Jon Ericsson
    Current Cap Hit: $900k;
    Contract Status: Signed through 2012
Next year, Jakob Kindl is with the big club. He'll be out of AHL options. He plays a pretty similar game to Big E and is one of our most prized prospects. On top of that, our blue line will probably be pretty full. Rafalski, Stewart, Kronwall, Lilja, and Kindl are all signed. I fully expect Captain Norris to return for at least one more year. That gives us all 6 for full-time pairings right there. If we hang on to Meech, an RFA, we've got our backup guy.

Ericsson has struggled mightily this season. That being said, he's a hell of a blue-chip prospect. His performance as a Black Ace last year really highlighted the potential that he has. That means he could fetch a decent return. Combined with another player, he might actually even be able to land the kind of blockbuster trade that turns our fortunes around and gives us a solid push to the playoffs.

  • Homer
    Current Cap Hit:
    Contract Status: UFA, 01 July 10
Still the best net-presence forward in the league. He's not always the quickest on his skates, nor is he always the most defensively responsible, but dude's got better positioning than Mary Brodeur. For a team pushing for a cup, he's be a tremendous asset. Hell, just think about our opponent tonight: don't you think our old friend Todd would love to have Homer on his side, straddling the blue ice, making life a living hell for the opposition? Again, I'd hate to see him go, and want him to retire a Wing, but he's a UFA in July, would free up $2.25m, and could fetch a pretty big return. The fact that he's been working through injuries all season can't help, but for one of those teams seeking that last piece for their top line, he could return quite a bit.
  • Big Bert
    Current Cap Hit: $1.5m
    Contract Status: UFA, 01 July 10
Why? Because after back-to-back "ugh, that would suck" scenarios, I want a scenario that makes me tingly inside. Hell, to me, Bert makes more sense than Willy. Williams is one of the only players on the team that shoots right. And Drew over at Nightmare on Helm Street has a hell of a point in that he's played less games in a winged wheel this season than Ville "ha! Enjoy Pennsylvania, dick" Leino, yet he has more points. For a team that has had some real trouble scoring, I'm not sure that we can really afford ditching a guy who can finish. Bert, on the other hand, is a streaky-fuck player. I said it back in December when he was scoring more than a point per game, and it's played out recently. The dude goes on tears, and then disappears. Beyond that, he still takes really stupid amounts of penalties in the offensive zone. Hopefully the flashes that he's shown this season inspire an overly zealous GM into trading something impressive for the guy. Hopefully he gets the hell of this team. Like, yesterday.
  • Raffi
    Current Cap Hit: $6m
    Current Contract Status: Signed through 2013
So I'm pretty sure Raffi's got a NTC. I'd figure it out for sure, but that would require research. This is my third post today on top of work, 2 classes, and a late night Trial Practice so... fuck research. Assuming Raffi would waive a NTC, he'd clear an entire SIX million in cap space. Coupled with a draft pick or a prospect, trading Raffi could pull in a nutso-type trade. An earth-shattering trade. A trade that will no-way-in-fucking-hell happen. But $6m is kind of a lot for a guy that can really have rough games. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure there's a better player in the league when it comes to coast-to-coast outlet passes. But freeing up that contract could land us a superstar who could score goals, and give Kenny a ton of wiggle room this summer.

  • Ozzie
    Current Cap Hit: $1.45m
    Current Contract Status: Signed through 2012
Well, we know one thing: Babs isn't a fan. He's cold. You know, the thing that never ever fucking ever playing ever will make you. Clearly the plan seems to be that going forward, Howard is the man. I really don't think its a good idea to trade Ozzie. Hell, I don't think it's a good idea to SIT Ozzie as frequently as Babs does. Dude performs in the playoffs, and Howard could slump at any point. However, it's that same ability to rock out in the playoffs that could give a pretty decent return. If this team has decided that Ozzie is not really in the picture for the future, they may look to move him. Doubt it. I'd be pissed about it. But hell, it's not like an underperforming goaltender hasn't been shipped out of Detroit before.

Overall, I doubt any of this will happen. In fact, with the exception of Bertuzzi getting the hell out of my city, I'm extremely adverse to any of these scenarios. That being said, this team could use a shakeup. They're playing like they just don't care. They're looking at the 08 cup winning roster, and they've lost 12 of the last 16 games. That's just unacceptable. It's not entirely unreasonable to think that perhaps Kenny feels the same way, and is looking to shake things up a bit. Hell, there were scouts from across the NHL at the Joe tonight - will a big move surprise us tomorrow?

No matter what, we'll continue reciting our motto:
  • In Kenny We Trust.


Nick said...

Your hatred of Bertuzzi amuses me. He is holding second on goals, and third in points. His p/m sucks dick, but you cant have everything.

If it wasnt for him, and his measly cap hit, we would be drowning as opposed to merely treading water.

CaptNorris5 said...

Your lack of ability to think and obsessive-compulsive love for players without logic or reason amuses me. Yep, Bert scored a bunch of goals there for a while. And then he stopped. Because that is what Bert does. He's streaky. And while we wouldn't be where we are now without him stepping up in December, he really hasn't helped us in January or February. Getting rid of him, instead of Williams - a relatively consistent player with a hell of a shot and almost as many points/game despite playing with lesser linemates - makes sense to me.

Though, you decided before you ever saw him take the ice that you wanted to slam his prostate with the tip of your hog until it swelled like a baloon animal - so... far be it from me to challenge you.

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